Digital Accessibility Resources

Note: The information provided on this site is aimed at promoting digital accessibility awareness and education.  It includes links that are external to and does not constitute an endorsement or legal advice.

We hope you find the following education and training resources to be helpful.  Digital accessibility spans many realms, so focused resources are provided to help you create accessible audio and video materials, documents, meetings, social media, and websites.  General resources are also provided to help you learn more about the importance of digital accessibility.   

Accessible Audio and Video Materials:

Accessible Documents:

Accessible Meetings:

Accessible Microsoft Power Apps:

Accessible Social Media:

  • Accessible Social - resources to make social media content inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities

Accessible Websites:

Accessibility Guidance (General):

Accessibility Training (General):

State of Maine Accessibility Information and Resources (General):

Other Digital Accessibility Information and Resources (General):