Internship Program

MaineIT, also known as the Office of Information Technology, recently completed an analysis of our workforce needs, and determined a sizeable portion of our workforce is nearing retirement. Research both nationally and statewide indicates that there are not enough people with technology and computer science experience coming out of higher education to replace the retiring workforce, or keep up with the growing need of IT resources.

The ability to fill these key positions in government services is a growing concern for the State of Maine and its citizens. With a critical gap in our workforce that needs immediate attention, it is our desire to invest in a program that allows for flexibility in a changing environment. We knew we must reach beyond the normal employee recruitment track and seek ways to connect to the new generation entering the workforce.

The MaineIT Internship Program supports our vision and help drive strategic workforce development. With this program, we can utilize a creative and fiduciary-responsible approach to address several workforce needs such as: gaining new talent, building a new approach to diversity in the workforce, delivering quality service to our business partners/clients, and developing and training our existing workforce to become mentors.

Interns may come from a 2- or 4-year college program or computer/technology training program at a non-academic technical training center, such as a returning Veterans Career Program. The interns are expected to be near graduating, or those who are coming from a career or military technical training school seeking to transition into an IT career. We seek motivated, problem solving, undergraduate students with some prior work in internships, coursework or evidence of hands-on programs/projects related to business or technology; who are pursuing or have completed degrees or certifications in Computer Science or training program for Application/Computer Systems, Hardware/Software, Expert Systems, Networking, Programming, Systems Analysis, Web Design or Social Media applications.

Anybody who receives an interview with us will receive a feedback form that details how the interviewee did. This feedback is part of MaineIT's goal of supporting students and preparing them for the future; if there is a certain aspect lacking in your interview, and we think you would benefit from such constructive criticism, we'll let you know. Even if you don't get an internship with us, we want to help prepare you for future job interviews. 

Under the Intership Program tab of this website, please find the internship application, testimonials from current MaineIT employees who started as interns, and some frequently asked questions. If you have further questions about the program, please contact