Enterprise Backup and Recovery


The Backup and Recovery service consists of backups/restores for customer data, applications, servers, and databases residing within the Executive Branch on the State of Maine network onto a secure tape system. In the case of an event that causes loss of data, these copies can be used to restore the data, applications, servers, and databases to the last available backup.


  • Full backups once a week
  • Incremental backups four days a week
  • Standard tape retention
    • Daily incremental backups are maintained for 2 weeks (on-site)
    • Weekly full backups are kept for 5 weeks
    • Monthly full backups are kept for one year (These are the last full backup of the month)
    • Weekly and monthly full tapes are stored off site after being on site for a maximum of 10 days
    • All costs associated with standard off-site retention policies are included in the base rate
  • Standard restores in most cases are next business day or sooner on user file level restore requests
  • Development of non-standard service level agreements
  • Backup agents (licenses) for CommVault supported operating systems and storage devices
  • Special backup requests to support patching, maintenance, and upgrades
  • In place restore, meaning restoring to a live or an existing folder
  • After-hour restores for production environments are covered within the rate
  • Backup systems are hosted in secure datacenters with cooling units, uninterruptible power supplies and backup power generators
  • Extended office coverage extends coverage to 24x7 for production systems only
  • Off-site tape rotations return tapes into service for reuse after 1 year

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • The standard production published service level agreements can be viewed at the following link:  Standard_SLA CTS Production Services
  • A formal SLA has not been developed specific to this service
  • This service description anticipates a standard service; certain additional mutually-agreed upon tasks may be ordered in conjunction with this service for additional fees
  • By purchasing this service from MaineIT, customers agree to be bound by all terms and conditions set forth in the service description

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

  • Standard business hour coverage is 7:00AM – 5:00PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
  • On-call coverage is available for production break/fix 24x7
    • To report a production break/fix after hours, please contact MaineIT Operations
    • MaineIT Operations will engage the on-call Core Technology Duty Manager if necessary

If service is required for non-production systems outside of the standard business hours, prior arrangements will be required with the director of this service area and associated fees apply.

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • Any backup frequencies that are outside of the standard frequencies mention above under components of base rate (examples of exceptions could be Incremental backups 6 days a week or Daily full backups)
  • Off-site rotation outside of the services identified in the base rate
  • Retention policies outside of the services identified in the base rate
  • Beginning with FY20/21, an “Indefinite Hold” rate will be charged to agencies for tapes stored off-site with content no longer being backed up to tape
  • Restore request with urgency of sooner than the next business day, if a tape is needed and on-site outside of the next business day tape courier window, a charge from the tape currier will be passed on to the requesting agency at the vendor's current rate
  • Additional backup methodology options (disk to disk to tape)
  • Customize reporting and alerting
  • Non-standard service level agreements
  • Archiving options
  • De-duplication options (reduce amount of storage needed by keeping only one copy of duplicated information)
  • Recoverability testing & planning of application upon request
  • After-hour restores for pre-production and development environments will incur an FBR charge for hours worked
  • Responding to any audit questions and any audit remediation requirements or recommendations
  • Any data not part of the Executive Branch


  • Desktop and laptop computers are not backed up
  • Flash/thumb drives and external portable drives are not backed up
  • Items outside the State of Maine network are not backed up

Customer Expectations

  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • A contact person and backup are designated to interface with the MaineIT team
  • Issues or problems are reported to the MaineIT team promptly and with as much complete information as possible

To get help or order this service

  • Call MaineIT Service Center at 624-7700
  • Enter a Footprints service request assigned to the Backup & Recovery team
  • For application projects (new projects or major enhancements or upgrades), contact the MaineIT Project Resource Office (PRO) to get started
  • Footprints tickets are required for all backup and restore requests
  • All work requests must have a required RFC or Footprints ticket and, if applicable, a bill code will be required for those items that are not part of the base published rate