Remote Desktop Services


RD Services allow a business unit to contract with MaineIT to deliver a customized suite of desktop applications to users without those users each needing the applications installed on their own workstation. Using central servers, RD Services facilitate the delivery of applications.


  • Network connection/connections
  • Server procurement and management
  • Windows client access license
  • Facilities management (the datacenter is secure, has short and long term systems in case of power loss, and maintains all necessary environmental controls)
  • Operating disk setup with mirror
  • Operating system backup with off-site rotation
  • Primary and secondary server administration support
  • All MaineIT overhead costs (facilities, personnel, etc.)
  • Upgrade (Patch) management, OS support Virus protection
  • Security - server hardening
  • Hardware monitoring (HP insight manager)
  • Server monitoring (Hardware monitoring by default and Server Services and log monitoring are available upon request)
  • Operating system backup w/ off-site rotation 24 x 7 data center monitoring/coverage

Service Level Targets & Availability

The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link: Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services. A formal SLA has not been developed specific to this service.

Normal coverage is 7AM 5PM, Monday - Friday. To initiate 24x7 (or any other expanded) coverage, the business unit will need to provide a written business justification to MaineIT. Once justification has been approved, MaineIT will work with the business on a service level agreement for the specific systems.

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • All project work is billable
  • All audit related work is billable
  • All costs associated with Indefinite Hold requests will be direct billed
  • Any storage, local or network attached, is available at the storage published rate
  • Support & maintenance contracts for hardware and software. Core Technologies will manage, procure and charge these items back directly to agencies using the servers
  • Charge back options available
    • A monthly charge back amount determined by the cost of the server, depreciation factors, and estimated future procurement costs
    • Onetime payment options - (i.e. a onetime grant or project funding source) available for the cost of the server
  • Additional client access licenses to support specific applications (i.e. third party)

To get help or order this service

  • Call MaineIT Service Center at 624-7700
  • Enter a Footprints service request assigned to Enterprise RDS