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Logos and Icons

Newer graphics from LearningExpress Library (LEL) for version 3.0; sizes 400px,303px, 250px. The LEL materials are using both the 3.0 graphic and the older light bulb.

IMPORTANT: the graphics below need to link to the new splash page so users know to reregister and/or complete work in the older 2.0 version. Use https://www.maine.gov/msl/lel.htm for the link!

  • LearningExpress Library logo 400 px
  • LearningExpress Library 3.0 logo 303 px
  • LearningExpress Library 3.0 logo 250px
  • Old LearningExpress logo - best to remove and add new logo above.
    • LearningExpress logo 125 px
    • Directions: To add an icon to a web page and link
    1. To save the logo for your web page, right click on it or control-click and then choose "Save Picture As" or "Save Image as" to your computer. Navigate to a location on your computer to save this image. It's best to save your images in an image folder inside your website folder.
    2. Please follow the directions for your web editor since "inserting an image" can be different for software.
    3. Align cursor where you want the image placed.
    4. Select the "Insert" or "Insert Image".
    5. Browse to the location on your computer where you saved the the logo image and select it.
    6. Be sure to upload this image to your web server so the image will show.
    7. Alt tag: Add alternative or "alt" text for any image on your web pages. "ALT" text makes information about the image available to visually-impaired users. Follow directions for ALT for your web editor or add alt="Visit LearningExpress Library for your online learning." within the image tag of the HTML code. Add the direct link to the logo from inside the library to LearningExpress, choose the image and follow the directions of your web editor for adding a link.
    8. Use https://www.maine.gov/msl/lel.htm as the link from the logo to the new splash page!