Fare Information

Current Fares Effective May 21st 2018

The decision by MaineDOT to implement a flat rate ticket structure came after more than a year of public meetings and input on how the Department could raise the revenue needed to cover its projected 2020 operating budget of $11 million. Below is the fare structure.

Fare Structure

Ticket Type Fare
Adult Round-Trip Passenger $11.00
Child Round-Trip Passenger
(11 & Under)
Adult Bike Round-Trip (includes passenger ticket) $31.00
Child Bike Round-Trip (includes passenger ticket) $15.50
Vehicle, Less Than 20ft, Round-Trip (Includes Ticket for Driver) $30.00
Truck One-Way Per Foot $2.50/foot
Truck Round-Trip Per Foot $2.50/foot
One Way Vehicle Reservation $15.00

The $30.00 fare defines vehicles as having four tires or less AND overall length of 20 feet or less AND being one of the following types: cars, station wagons, motorcycles, vans, mini vans, pick-up trucks, golf carts, fork lifts, riding lawn mowers, small garden tractors, all-terrain vehicles and electric vehicles.

All other vehicles* with more than four tires OR an overall length of more than 20 feet OR that are not one of the above types of vehicles are $2.50 per every foot, bumper to bumper, plus the cost of an Adult Round-Trip Passenger ticket, according to the table above.

*Other vehicles may be defined as: Trucks other than pick-ups, Combinations like a vehicle + trailer or excavators/land equipment, etc. For a full explanation of rates, see page 23 of Tariff 8 (PDF).