Eclipse 2024 Safety Information

Camping Closures and Travel Advisories

  • A high volume of traffic is expected! Be prepared for delays and have an emergency kit in your vehicle.

  • Do not rely on GPS in rural locations! It is advisable to stay on paved roads at all times. Cell phone coverage in remote areas of Maine is unreliable making it very difficult to call for assistance if you should breakdown, become stuck (which is very likely) or need emergency medical services!

  • Please be sure to plan out your trip if you are traveling to one of the various Maine locations in the path of totality. Lodging and other amenities are very limited in early April. Be sure to have reservations in advance and plan for unpredictable weather.

  • Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry advises that Maine State Park campgrounds are closed for camping during April. Camping on Maine Public Lands in April is inadvisable to all but those who are self-sufficient and fully prepared to deal with difficult and highly changeable conditions. The Department urges the public to adhere strictly to this advisory to ensure their well-being and prevent potential emergencies arising from the challenging seasonal conditions.

  • The entire The North Maine Woods region is privately owned and attempting to access the area this early in the spring is not advised due to extremely wet and muddy conditions that can cause tremendous damage to the road systems as well as a host of other hazards that could potentially occur. Many areas of The North Maine Woods are very remote, with no cell service in any direction, making it extremely difficult if you breakdown, become stuck (which is very likely to occur this time of year) or need emergency medical services. Winter conditions during April in The North Maine Woods make camping unavailable. None of the campsites or access roads to the campsites are plowed or maintained during the winter months, making it very difficult to access the sites (due to snow and/or mud) without causing immense damage to those roads and sites as well.

  • Baxter State Park will be closed to camping, and Katahdin trails will be closed due to the protection of alpine vegetation and seasonal weather safety considerations.

  • ATV trails in Maine are not open to riding. Landowner permission is required to operate ATVs off-trail.

Respect Private Landowners

All outdoor recreational users rely heavily on the generosity of Maine's private landowners who allow access to their property. As you venture out to enjoy the eclipse in Maine, it is imperative that you respect landowners! Take a moment and learn more about how to responsibly recreate on private land in Maine.

Early Season Hiking Safety

If you plan to do any hiking while seeking a location to view the eclipse please keep in mind that early season hiking conditions require some additional careful planning and preparation. Trails are likely to still be covered in snow, ice and mud.

Be prepared and review these early season hiking tips

Some hiking trails are closed this time of year due to conditions or to protect nesting birds. Please stay off trails that are signed and marked as closed.

Ice Safety Precautions

Ice conditions in Maine are rapidly deteriorating and most waterways will not be safe to step onto during the eclipse. Please review these ice safety reminders and stay off frozen waterbodies while viewing the eclipse in Maine.

Early Season Boating Safety

Viewing the eclipse by boat might be a great opportunity on waterways where the ice has melted, but there are some important safety precautions to keep in mind. Water temperatures in early April are dangerously cold! It is critically important to wear a properly fitted lifejacket at all times. Even experienced swimmers will experience cold-water shock within one minute in frigid water and lose muscle control within 10 minutes.

If you are planning to view the eclipse by boat please take a moment to review these boating safety tips!

It's also important to do your part to protect Maine's waterways from Aquatic Invasive Species

Avoid Conflicts with Black Bears

While black bear attacks in Maine are very uncommon and black bears rarely become aggressive when encountered, it is still wise to avoid bears and know what to do if an encounter happens while you're in the outdoors viewing the eclipse.

Learn avoidance tips and the steps to taken if you should encounter a black bear by visiting