Attention Hospice Providers: Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Soft Launch Implementation Delayed to October 4, 2022 

Federal Deadlines 

The federal deadline to implement the EVV requirement for providers delivering Home Health services under Section 40 and Hospice Services under Section 43 is January 1, 2023.  

EVV Pend Process Implementation Date Change 

To ensure that providers are on a path to successfully meet the federal January 1, 2023 deadline, MaineCare will begin implementing the EVV pend process for dates of service beginning October 4, 2022 for Hospice claims. This is a delay from the September 2022 date announced in a previous e-message and will allow us to make additional updates to the Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV) system. 

This will give providers a “soft launch” opportunity during which claims subject to EVV requirements will pend for a three-day recycle period unless a matching EVV record is found. After the pend period, claims will process to pay unless denied for other reasons.  

For dates of service beginning on January 1, 2023, claims without a verified matching EVV record will pend for up to 30 days and then deny if no verified EVV record is found. 

We strongly encourage you to work toward implementation of the EVV requirements ahead of the impending October 4, 2022 soft launch as well as the January 1, 2023 deadline for full implementation. 

Getting Started 

Visit our EVV webpage to learn about system set up, service codes that require EVV visit records, implementation tips, frequently asked questions, and more. 

Maine has an open EVV system platform that allows providers to utilize the State-offered EVV system or their own EVV system to connect with MIHMS. 

To begin using the State EVV System, please follow the instructions in the EVV System Set-Up Options section of the EVV webpage. If you have not yet logged into the State EVV System, your account may require a password reset. Please contact Provider Services for assistance at 1-866-690-5585, option 3. 

To begin using an Alternate or 3rd Party EVV system please review the Alternate EVV Systems document. 

The process for integrating an Alternate or 3rd Party EVV system is dependent on how long the provider and/or vendor takes to complete their steps. The minimum time to complete the alternate system integration process is eight weeks. Therefore, if you are planning to utilize an Alternate or 3rd Party EVV system, we encourage you to use the State EVV system until you have completed the Alternate EVV System integration process. 

EVV Sandata Town Halls, Trainings, and Forums 

With EVV deadlines approaching, we are offering provider and 3rd party (aggregator) trainings, forums, and Town Hall events. Currently all trainings are online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. These events can be found in the Event Calendar on the Health PAS Online Portal.  

Register through Absorb 

You can register for these courses through the Absorb training platform. The Absorb training system allows providers to register for trainings and forums more than once. If this is your first time using the Absorb training platform, go to the Absorb training site and follow the instructions to create your login credentials.  


See the EVV webpage for more details about EVV requirements. 

Please contact Provider Services with questions: 

  • EVV email box 

  • 1-866-690-5585, option 3 

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