Case Mix, Private Duty Nursing, and Home Health

Case Mix - Minimum Data Set (MDS) Nursing Facilities

Training Schedule - 2024 Training Calendar for All Types of Facilities (PDF)

MDS 3.0 - Nursing Facilities (NF)

NF Forum Calls - Please contact the MDS Help Desk for a copy of a previously presented forum call PowerPoint.

MDS 3.0 Training Handouts:

  1. MDS 3.0 Payment item Mini Series 1 (PDF)MDS 3.0 Payment item Mini Series 2 (PDF)MDS 3.0 Payment item Mini Series 3 (PDF)
  2. MDS 3.0 NC Comp v1.17.2 (PDF)
  3. RUG III Categories_MDS30_0115d (PDF)
  4. MDS 3 RUG III ADL Scoring Chart (PDF)
  5. ADL Algorithm Oct 2018 (PDF)
  6. OBRA Required Assessments (PDF)
  7. MDS Sched Tool 2026 (PDF)
  8. OBRA Assessment Schedule After Discharges Return Anticipated (PDF)
  9. Section S Nov2020_Fillable Form (PDF)
  10. Section S Manual Oct 2020 (PDF)
  11. Documentation Requirements MDS 3.0 (PDF)
  12. ADL Self Performance Codes (PDF)
MDS - Residential Care Assessment (RCA)

RCF Forum Calls - Please contact the MDS Help Desk for a copy of a previously presented forum call.

MDS-RCA Training Handouts:

  1. MDS-RCA Training Handout October 2018 (PDF) or MDS RCA Mini Series 1 (PDF), MDS RCA Mini Series 2 (PDF), MDS RCA Mini Series 3 (PDF)
  2. RCA Form (PDF)
  3. MDS ALS/RCA Training Manual (PDF)
  4. MDS-RCA Assessment Schedule (PDF)
  5. MDS-RCA RUG Group Scoring (PDF)
  6. MDS-RCA ADL Scoring (PDF)
  7. Validation Report Sample (PDF)
  8. MDS-RCA Doc Requirements September 2020 (PDF)
  9. QI_RCF Resident Title Page (PDF)
  10. QI RCF Resident (PDF)
  11. QI RCF Facility Summary (PDF)
  12. Quality Indicators for Residential Care Facilities (PDF)
  13. Look Back Calculator RCF (XLS)
  14. MDS-RCA Scheduling Calendar through 2027 (XLS)
  15. ADL Self-Performance Codes (Word)
MDS-ALS for Adult Family Care Homes

MDS-ALS Training Handouts. There will be a new webinar-based, MDS-ALS training released in the fall of 2020, including an updated manual and documentation requirements. Details will be sent via email. Call the MDS Help Desk to register.

  1. MDS-ALS Day 1 (PDF), MDS-ALS Day 2 (PDF), MDS-ALS Day 3 (PDF)
  2. ALS Form (PDF)
  3. Training Manual for MDS-ALS (PDF)
  4. ALS Assessment Schedule 120914 (PDF)
  5. AFCH Look Back Calculator (XLS)
  6. MDS-ALS Payment Items (PDF)
  7. AFCH-RUG Calculator Worksheet (PDF)
  8. AFCH Documentation Requirements (PDF)
  9. AFCH-ADL Sample FlowSheets (XLS)
  10. MDS-ALS/RCA Scheduling Tool (XLS)
  11. AFCH Change Table for MDS-ALS/RCA Manual (PDF)
  12. ADL Self-Performance Codes (PDF)


  • MDS 3.0 Training Portal - Training portal located on the Division of Licensing and Certification (DLC) website with current links to the CMS website.
  • Muskie School of Public Service - MDS Technical Information for residential care facilities and adult family care homes.
  • Maine MDS Submission Management System (SMS) - System for MDS-RCA and MDS-ALS submissions and where nursing facilities access the final State validation reports for MDS 3.0.
  • MDS Help Desk: (207) 624-4095, toll free 1-844-288-1612, or email - Contact the help desk with MDS questions and to inquire or register for MDS training.

Home Health

For current Home Health cover sheets, please see the Home Health folder on the Health PAS Online Portal.

Private Duty Nursing (PDN)

For current PDN forms, please see the Private Duty Nursing folder on the Health PAS Online Portal.