Primary Care

Primary Care Plus (PCPlus) - Formerly the PCP 2.0 Initiative

The goal of this value-based payment model is to simplify and integrate MaineCare's three primary care programs:

  • Primary Care Case Management (PCCM)
  • Primary Care Health Homes (HH)
  • Primary Care Provider Incentive Program (PCPIP)

For detail about this initiative, see the following presentations:

PCPlus Interest Form 

The PCPlus Interested Provider Form (Word) is now open for primary care providers that are interested in participating in this program. By completing this form, MaineCare will be able to collect information on your primary care practices’ characteristics and service capabilities.Completing the form will ensure your practice can begin PCPlus implementation in a timely manner. See the PCPlus Interested Provider Form (PDF) to view the questions before completing the electronic form.

Primary Care Case Management (PCCM)

This program covers eligible MaineCare members, primarily those with full MaineCare benefits and MaineCare as their primary payer. Qualified primary care providers are always welcome to become PCCM providers.

Primary Objectives of PCCM

  • Recognize through incentive payments high quality primary care providers
  • Improve MaineCare members’ access to providers
  • Have MaineCare members establish a “medical home”
  • Increase continuity of care
  • Strengthen the patient and provider relationship
  • Reduce unnecessary utilization and expenditures

Primary Care Provider Incentive Payment (PCPIP)

The PCPIP pays additional compensation to PCCM providers who deliver high quality healthcare and who rank above the 20th percentile for certain measures compared to other physicians within their specialty.

Goals of PCPIP

  • Increase access of MaineCare members to providers
  • Reduce unnecessary or inappropriate Emergency Department utilization
  • Increase utilization of preventive/quality services

Incentives are paid to providers who practice primary care and whose primary specialty is Family Practice, General Practice, Pediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynecology, geriatric care, or Internal Medicine.

Primary Care Payment Increase


Email the PCCM Unit for questions.