Justice Initiatives

The mission of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is to provide health and human services to the people of Maine so that all persons may achieve and maintain their optimal level of health and their full potential for economic independence and personal development.

The Office of Maine Care has taken broad steps to fulfill DHHS’s mission through new Justice Initiatives, which is comprised of 3 Parts.

  1. Post Incarceration Incentive Payment Pilot
  2. 1115 Re-Entry Waiver
  3. Juvenile Justice Initiative

Justice Involved individuals face barriers to health care including costs, stigma, and long waiting times. We know that many individuals leaving incarceration need community-based services such as primary care services, mental health care, and/or substance use treatment.

Post Incarceration Incentive Payment Pilot

MaineCare is piloting the Post Incarceration Incentive Payment to encourage timely follow-up post release. This incentive payment focuses on the critical two days after release from prison or jail when individuals are most at risk. The goal of this incentive payment pilot is to improve care transitions in this crucial timeframe by rewarding providers who can establish member relationships that will lead to continuity of community-based services.

1115 Re-Entry Waiver

In 2023 the Maine State Legislature passed H.P. 764 – L.D. 1204 requiring MaineCare to apply for the 1115 Re-entry Waiver by April 2025. Below is more information.

Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) – Juvenile Justice

The CAA was passed by Congress and a portion of the law is specific to juveniles who are incarcerated. The aim is to expand access to Medicaid to improve pre-release planning with a specific focus on improving care coordination for the re-entry period.

Implementation Order