Children's Behavioral Health

Children's Home and Community Based Treatment (HCT)

This treatment is for members in need of mental health treatment based in the Home and Community who need a higher intensity service than Outpatient but a lower intensity than Children’s ACT.

Services include providing treatment to members living with their families. Services also may include members who are not currently living with a parent or guardian. Services include providing individual and/or family therapy or counseling, as written in the ITP. The services assist the member and parent or caregiver to understand the member’s behavior and developmental level including co-occurring mental health and substance abuse, teaching the member and family or caregiver how to appropriately and therapeutically respond to the member’s identified treatment needs, supporting and improving effective communication between the parent or caregiver and the member, facilitating appropriate collaboration between the parent or caregiver and the member, and developing plans and strategies with the member and parent or caregiver to improve and manage the member’s and/or family’s future functioning in the home and community.

Services include therapy, counseling or problem-solving activities in order to help the member develop and maintain skills and abilities necessary to manage his or her mental health treatment needs, learning the social skills and behaviors necessary to live with and interact with the community members and independently, and to build or maintain satisfactory relationships with peers or adults, learning the skills that will improve a member's self-awareness, environmental awareness, social appropriateness and support social integration, and learning awareness of and appropriate use of community services and resources.

The goals of the treatment are to develop the member’s emotional and physical capability in the areas of daily living, community inclusion and interpersonal functioning, to support inclusion of the member into the community, and to sustain the member in his or her current living situation or another living situation of his or her choice.

Kepro (formerly APS Healthcare) will provide referral management and provider matching for Home and Community Treatment (HCT) Services, under the MaineCare Benefits Manual, Ch. II - Section 65: Behavioral Health Services. This will include a determination of eligibility, matching to an available provider, waitlist management, and ongoing review of medical necessity criteria for services.

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