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Biomonitoring Retrospective: Fifteen Year Summary for Maine Rivers and Streams. This report includes the results of fifteen years of biological monitoring effort and provides a summary of the results of biological monitoring of benthic macroinvertebrates in rivers and streams, between 1983 and 1998, in the State of Maine, by the DEP.

Biological Water Quality Standards to Achieve Biological Condition Goals in Maine Rivers and Streams. This publication describes the philosophy, history, methodology, and management applications of numeric biological criteria in water quality standards in Maine. The presentation describes the decision-making process used by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) for assessing attainment of aquatic life uses in water quality standards using benthic macroinvertebrates in Maine streams and rivers including eight case studies of management applications and the improved environmental outcomes that have resulted.

Chapter 579. Classification Attainment Evaluation Using Biological Criteria for Rivers and Streams

General Glossary for the Biological Monitoring Program

Effects of Urbanization on Aquatic Life of Maine Streams. The first part of this technical report summarizes the variety of factors that can make a stream more or less vulnerable to development within its watershed. The second part of the report presents the results of study about the effects of impervious cover on algal and macroinvertebrate communities.

Effects of Urbanization on Maine's Streams. This pamphlet summarizes the main findings of the report.

River and Stream Biological Monitoring Program -- Frequently Asked Questions DEP-LW0561 (pdf file)

Education and Outreach

Common Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Maine Streams and Wetlands DEP-LW0873 (pdf file)

Common Larval Stages of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates DEP-LW0874 (pdf file)

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Biomonitoring sampling methods and field sheets (QAPP/SOP)

Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for Biological Monitoring of Maine's Rivers, Streams, and Freshwater Wetlands (pdf file) DEPLW0638C-2014 (updated June 1, 2014)

QAPP Table 1: Maine Water Quality Criteria for Classification of Fresh Surface Waters (38 MRSA §465) (Please see p. 7 of the above QAPP pdf)

QAPP Table 2: Data Quality Objectives and Indicators, and Measurement Quality Objectives for Water Quality Monitoring (pdf file)

QAPP Table 3: Details for Sampling Biota and Water Quality Parameters (pdf file)

QAPP Table 4: Inspection, Maintenance, and Testing Requirements as well as Calibration Method and Frequency for Field Instruments/Equipment (pdf file)

QAPP Appendix A: List of Acronyms (Please see the above QAPP pdf).

QAPP Appendix B: Field Data Sheets (All field data sheets are pdf files)

River and Stream Macroinvertebrate Sampling Field Sheets

Maine DEP Biological Monitoring Unit Stream Macroinvertebrate Field Data Sheet

Algae Sampling Field Sheets

a) Maine DEP Stream Algae Field Data Sheet
b) Maine DEP Viewing Bucket Survey Data Sheet
c) Maine DEP Canopy Cover Sheet
d) EPA Physical Characterization/Water Quality Field Data Sheet
e) EPA Habitat Assessment Field Data Sheet - High Gradiant
f) EPA Habitat Assessment Field Data Sheet - Low Gradiant

Wetland Field Sheets

a) Maine DEP Wetland Bioassessment Field Data Form
b) Human Disturbance Ranking Form for Biological Assessment of Wetlands
c) Maine DEP Epiphytic Algae Data Sheet

QAPP Appendix C: Example Chain-of-Custody Forms

i. Example Water Chemistry Chain-of-Custody Form
ii. Example Macroinvertebrate Chain-of-Custody Form
iii. Example Algae Chain-of-Custody Form

QAPP Appendix D: Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) (All SOPs are pdf files)

Methods for Biological Sampling and Analysis of Maine's Rivers and Streams DEPLW0387-C2014(updated April 2014)

Protocols for Using the Hanna Dissolved Oxygen and Specific Conductance/pH Meters in Rivers, Streams, and Freshwater Wetlands DEPLW0636A (updated April 2014)

Protocols for Using the Global Flow Meter in Wadeable Rivers and Streams DEPLW0635A (updated April 2014)

Protocols for Collecting Water Grab Samples in Rivers, Streams, and Freshwater Wetlands DEPLW0637A (updated April 2014)

Procedure for Measuring Continuous Water Temperature Using an Onset Data Logger DEPLW0700A (updated April 2014)
Appendix A: Protocols for Testing Temperature Logger Precision DEPLW0700A (updated April 2014)
Appendix B: Temperature Logger Tracking Form DEPLW0700A (updated April 2014)

Protocols for Sampling Algae in Wadeable Rivers, Streams, and Freshwater Wetlands DEPLW0634B (updated April 2014)

Protocols for Sampling Aquatic Macroinvertebrates in Freshwater Wetlands DEPLW0640A (updated April 2014)

Protocols for Managing Biomonitoring Data DEPLW1202A (April 2014)

Protocols for Decontaminating Biomonitoring Sampling Equipment DEPLW0919A (updated April 2014)

Protocols for Completing the Biological Monitoring Wetland Human Disturbance Assessment DEPLW1259 (December 2013)

Water Quality Analysis Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (June 2014)

QAPP Appendix E: Annual Project Plan (pdf file)

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Quick Reference Guides

Algae Sampling in Wadeable Streams and Rivers (Rock Scrapings) DEP-LW0856 (pdf file)

Sampling Wadeable Streams: Steps to Success DEP-LW0876 (pdf file)

Wetland Sampling Steps to Success: Collecting Macroinvertebrates Using a Dip Net Measured Sweep DEP-LW0877 (pdf file)