Biomonitoring Retrospective:
Fifteen Year Summary for Maine Rivers and Streams (1999)

Title page, dedication, table of contents, acknowledgements, authorship and credits, and executive summary

Part 1. Program Summary

Chapter 1.  Biological Monitoring Program Synopsis. Cover sheet; preface and program summary; text.

Chapter 2.  Related Biological Monitoring Activities and Programs. Cover sheet; text.

Part 2.  River Basin Summary. Cover sheet; preface and Biological assessments of  nonpoint source impacts on streams.

Chapter 1.  St. John, Aroostook and Meduxnekeag. Chapter 1; Table 1; Basin Map 1.

Chapter 2.  Mattawamkeag and Piscataquis. Chapter 2; Table 2; Basin Map 2.

Chapter 3.  East, West and Lower Penobscot. Chapter 3; Table 3; Basin Map 3.

Chapter 4.  Upper and Lower Kennebec and Dead River. Chapter 4; Table 4; Basin Map 4a, 4b.

Chapter 5.  Upper and Lower Androscoggin. Chapter 5; Table 5; Basin Map 5.

Chapter 6.  St. Croix and North Coastal. Chapter 6; Table 6; Basin Map 6.

Chapter 7.  Sheepscot. Chapter 7; Table 7; Basin Map 7.

Chapter 8.  Presumpscot. Chapter 8; Table 8; Basin Map 8.

Chapter 9.  Saco and Piscataqua. Chapter 9; Table 9; Basin Map 9.

Appendix 1.  Algorithms for variables used to compute the linear discriminant models. Text.
Appendix 2.  Interpretation of box plot data. Text.
Appendix 3.  Aquatic life classification attainment report. Not available on-line.
Appendix 4.  Biological Monitoring Program Staff. Text.
References. Text.

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