The Oil Storage Tank Search & Operator Training Online Service

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Oil Storage Tank Search: This free service allows anyone to search the Department's database of registered oil storage tanks and to obtain registration certificates. This database includes all underground tanks that have been registered with DEP since 1986 (including tanks that have been removed) and aboveground tanks that have either been permitted by the State Fire Marshall's Office since 2005 or are registered with DEP.

TankSmart Operator Training and Certification: This service allows operators of registered oil storage tank facilities in Maine to get certified as Class A/B operators. There are two ways to do this. You may train and get certified for each facility separately using the registration numbers for each facility or you may train and certify as a general operator which will qualify you as a Class A/B operator for any facility.

Petroleum Delivery Driver Training and Certification: This program is designed to provide information regarding the proper delivery of home heating fuel, gasoline and other petroleum products to both aboveground tanks and underground tanks. Training topics include identifying overfill prevention devices, tank configurations, delivery process, and safety measures. The training is not a substitute for any DOT or other regulatory agency mandatory training; it is supplemental only.

For more information, please contact the TankSmart Program Manager, Kailee Reeves (207) 592-4092.

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