Code Enforcement Officers Information

This list of resources is to help Code Enforcement Officers provide information to contractors and homeowners who conduct home renovation or demolition activities that may impact lead based paint or 3 square or linear feet of asbestos containing material. When CEO’s meet face to face with contractors or homeowners seeking permits it can be a perfect opportunity to explain current State and federal laws to ensure work practices protect the workers, homeowners and the environment.
Contact the DEP Lead & Asbestos Hazard Prevention Program staff at (207) 287-7688

Lead-Based Paint

Contractors working in pre 1978 residential houses, apartments and child-occupied facilities are required to comply with the US EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (offsite, US EPA). Violations can be very costly.

Information for Homeowners Planning to Hire a Contractor to Renovate Their Home

Information for Homeowners Planning to Renovate Their Own Home (pdf format - offsite, US HUD)

Maine’s Emergency Provision Law (Maine State Legislature)

US EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (offsite, US EPA)

US EPA Real Estate Disclosure Law (offsite, US HUD)

Model Home Construction Or Repair Contract (Office of the Maine Attorney General)

Consumer Rights When Constructing Or Repairing Your Home (Office of the Maine Attorney General)

Don’t Take Lead Home From Your Job (Maine CDC)


State and federal laws require that buildings be inspected for asbestos containing materials (ACM) before renovation or demolition activities begin. The age of the building, current/past use, and number of units determines whether a Maine licensed Asbestos Inspector must perform the inspection, or if it may be evaluated by a knowledgeable non-licensed individual familiar with ACM.

Asbestos Form for Building Demolition Notification (fillable pdf format)

Asbestos Inspection Form Instructions (pdf)

Asbestos Inspection Form (pdf)

Asbestos Inspection Requirements prior to demolitions and renovations (pdf)

Are you thinking about Burning Construction & Demolition Debris? (pdf)

Live Fire Instruction and Training Activities - Information about requesting live fire training for municipal, volunteer, and industrial fire departments.