Well Testing Request Form for Homeowners Living near Sludge or Septage Land Application Sites

If you live near a DEP-licensed sludge or septage land application site in Maine, you may use this form to request that the DEP sample your well for PFAS pursuant to Public Law 2021, Chapter 478

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that DEP will test your well. 

DEP will verify the location of your property in relation to actual site spreading records and make a determination whether your well may be at risk based on several factors including test data already collected, hydrogeological factors such as direction of groundwater flow, or other area-specific factors.  If the DEP determines that your well may be at risk, DEP will contact you to schedule sampling regardless of whether this form is filled out.  If you are not selected for sampling, we will keep your request on file and will only contact you if our investigation expands to include your address.  

Please note that all sites in Maine have been prioritized and our testing program may take several years to complete.  Once you complete the form, you will receive an email notification that we received your request.  If you have issues completing this form, please email us.

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