New round of stream crossing grants awarded by Maine DEP

February 3, 2020

Contact: David Madore, Communications Director (207) 287-5842

AUGUSTA, MAINE. February 3, 2020 - Maine voters approved a bond package in November 2017 that included $5 million dollars for vital improvement projects including stream crossing and culvert upgrades. These monies fund competitive grants that match local funding for the upgrade of municipal culverts at stream crossings and must be located on a municipal road. The projects awarded will: benefit public infrastructure by replacing several culverts that are currently failing and at risk of complete washouts, open or improve fish spawning habitat, eliminate undersized and other impassable culverts and reduce some of the worst ongoing erosion impacts to streams, brooks, and lakes.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) received 49 applications to review which totaled over $4.2 million dollars in fund requests, the Department has issued $2.5 million dollars in grant money for this round of applications. Four previous rounds of culvert grants have resulted in a total of 101 culvert upgrade projects in Maine communities statewide and have expended $7.9 million dollars in bond funds earmarked for these infrastructure improvements. Maine DEP is pleased to announce funds for the following 27 projects across the State:

Project Municipality Road Award Amount
Addison Cape Split Rd $56,500.00
Appleton West Appleton Rd $95,000.00
Bar Harbor Crooked Rd $95,000.00
Blanchard Township Mountain Rd $95,000.00
Bowdoinham Carding Machine Way (Cranberry) $95,000.00
Bowdoinham Carding Machine Way (Old Landfill) $95,000.00
Brooks Knowlton Rd $95,000.00
Bucksport Jacob Buck Pond Rd $95,000.00
Bucksport Bucks Mills Rd $95,000.00
Charleston Crooked Brook $95,000.00
Chesterville Sandy River Rd $95,000.00
Dixmont South Road $95,000.00
Gorham Plummer Rd $95,000.00
Gray Long Hill Rd $75,000.00
Hartland Beans Corner Rd $95,000.00
Jonesport Kelley Point Rd $66,000.00
Mars Hill East Ridge Rd $95,000.00
Naples Horace Files Rd $75,000.00
Naples Edes Falls Rd $95,000.00
Ogunquit Captain Thomas Rd $95,000.00
Pittston Smithtown Rd $95,000.00
Prospect Clark Rd $95,000.00
Standish Shaws Mill Rd $95,000.00
Union Clarry Hill Rd $95,000.00
Vassalboro Gray Rd $95,000.00
Vassalboro Cross Hill Rd $80,000.00
York Mill Lane #1 $95,000.00

For more information including examples of successful applications and the master score sheet for this round please visit Maine DEP's website: