The DEP invites towns and regional groups in Maine to submit Waste Grant Proposals

March 15, 2024

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is soliciting grant proposals to support the development, implementation or improvement of programs, initiatives or activities designed to increase the diversion of solid waste from disposal. In the Fall of 2023, the Department funded ten waste diversion projects around Maine with a total of $128,326.07 in awards. These grants are supporting efforts to increase food scrap recovery and composting activities in the Central and Southern Maine areas, allowing a small Maine business to continue efforts to collect and refurbish outdated personal computers and laptops, supporting backyard composting programs, increasing recycling efforts at several Maine communities, and helping to promote educational awareness at a Maine school district by immersing students and staff in a hands-on, sustainable educational program that will help promote sustainability programs throughout the district.

All interested municipalities, regional associations and Maine businesses are encouraged to apply. The Department anticipates awarding a total of approximately $125,000 with awards for accepted proposals ranging from $1,000 to $40,000 with preference given to proposals that:

  • Take advantage of regional economies of scale,

  • Increase organics management and recycling infrastructure in underserved areas of the state,

  • Promote waste reduction through reuse, repair and sharing economy initiatives and programs,

  • Address a statewide need, and/or

  • Expand the types of materials managed through composting and recycling.

In addition, in accordance with 38 M.R.S. 2201-B. Maine Solid Waste Diversion Grant Program, the Department shall give highest priority in the awarding of funds under this section to programs, projects, initiatives, or activities proposed by municipal or regional association applicants.

Application details on RFP #202403057 - "Waste Diversion Grants Program" are available online at Request for Proposals, Maine DEP. Written questions on the RFP must be submitted by March 22, 2024 (using the form included in the RFP), and proposals must be submitted electronically by 11:59 p.m. on April 5, 2024.

A copy of the RFP, as well as the Question & Answer Summary and all amendments related to this RFP, can be obtained at the following website:

As a resource, there is a video presentation titled Introduction to Maine's Waste Diversion Grant Program: Online Meeting. It provides important program details and answers a number of frequently asked questions.

For additional information, contact: David R. Madore, Deputy Commissioner or Mark King, Organics Management Specialist