Instructions for email Submission of Applications

Individual Permit Applications

The Department is now requiring the submission of the following permit applications by email:

  • Site Location of Development Law (Site Law)
  • Natural Resources Protection Act (NRPA)
  • Stormwater Management Law
  • Solar Decommissioning Law
  • Maine Waterway Development and Conservation Act (MWDCA)
  • Borrow Pit and Quarry Variances

These instructions are for individual applications. Separate instructions are available for NRPA and Stormwater permit-by-rule (PBR) notifications.

How to File Application by Email

  • Email address. Submit application to
    • There is a 20MB size limit for attachments. If your complete application package exceeds this size, submit just the application forms. Once your application is assigned to a project manager that individual will reach out to coordinate submission of the remaining application materials.
    • Please do not submit more than one email per application to this address. For a single project requiring multiple permits, submit a single email for the project that includes all the applications.
  • Email subject line. Use the following format in the subject line of the email:
    • [Municipality where the project is located] – [Applicant Name] – [Type of Application]
    • For example: Waterville – Good Development, LLC – Site Law and NRPA

Submission of Application Fee

  • Credit Card. Maine DEP can accept online credit card payments through a Credit Card Payment Portal. Please note: The portal can only accept credit card payments of $1,000 or less; however, there is no limit on payments by electronic check. Also, the servicer of the portal charges a $2 transaction fee. See the Payment Portal for more details. Pay the fee prior to filing and include confirmation of credit card payment when submitting your application. If you are paying the application fee for a Site Law application, such as for a minor revision, minor amendment, or condition compliance associated with an existing Site Law license, please review the payment portal instruction for Site Law applications. These instructions will help you select the appropriate Site Law application payment category available on the portal.
  • Check. To pay the application fee by check, complete the Check Processing Form and:
    • Include the completed form with the email submission of the application, and
    • Mail a check for the application fee and a copy of the completed form to: Department of Environmental Protection, 17 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0017. Checks should be payable to "Treasurer, State of Maine."

Completeness Review

  • 15 Days. The Department has 15 working days to review an application and determine whether the application is complete for processing. This completeness review period begins upon receipt of the application and application fee