How do I make an environmental complaint or express my concern about a site?

Each year, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection promptly responds to hundreds of complaints regarding activities that, following investigation, may or may not turn out to be violations of the laws or rules administered by the department. Our investigatory work with each complaint ultimately determines the appropriate course of action to be taken by the department. To report a possible violation of one of the laws or rules administered by the DEP, call your nearest regional DEP office. If you so desire, your report may be made anonymously. Field services and enforcement staff in each regional office are available to take your call. To reach our regional offices:

  • in Augusta call 207-287-7688 or toll free (in-state only) at 800-452-1942;
  • in Bangor at 207-941-4570 or toll free (in-state only) at 888-769-1137;
  • in Portland at 207-822-6300 or toll free (in-state only) at 888-769-1036; and
  • in Presque Isle at 207-764-0477 or toll free (in-state only) 888-769-1053.

You may also report a violation or file a complaint by calling the DEP’s toll free line in our central office in Augusta at 800-452-1942. This phone number will connect you with a receptionist at the front desk. After you have briefly described the situation you wish to report, you will be transferred to a staff person who can take down your information. The staff person to whom you report the possible violation or complaint may ask a few questions or request additional information intended to assist enforcement staff. It is not necessary to have answers to all the questions in order to report a possible violation. Examples of common questions or requests you may receive from staff are:

  • Please describe the activity.
  • What is the name of the water body involved, if any? Example: name of stream or lake.
  • Is your knowledge first hand? Is the activity ongoing? Is the activity actually located in the resource?
  • How do you get to the site? (driving directions)
  • Have you contacted other officials, such as your code enforcement officer or staff at another agency? (this information helps DEP staff to better coordinate with other officials)
  • Who is the landowner where the activity is occurring? Do you know his or her phone number?
  • Do you know the name of the contractor doing the work?