How do I find a Permit By Rule application form online and what activities are subject to this process?

Certain types of development activities that are considered to not significantly affect the environment may be authorized through the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's streamlined Permit-By-Rule (PBR) process. A copy of the DEP's rules governing PBR activities and a listing of regulated activities is available from the Secretary of State: Also see our Natural Resources Protection Act (NRPA) web page and PBR notification form.

Information on PBR requirements and assistance with the process may also be obtained by contacting an on-call staffer at one of the DEP's Regional Offices:

  • in Augusta call (207) 287-7688 or toll free (in-state only) at (800) 452-1942;
  • in Bangor at (207)941-4570 or toll free (in-state only) at (888)769-1137;
  • in Portland at (207)822-6300 or toll free (in-state only) at (888)769-1036; and
  • in Presque Isle at (207)764-0477 or toll free (in-state only) (888)769-1053.

Additionally, as part of DEP's ongoing efforts to improve Maine's environmental regulatory climate and to promote a culture of cooperation between state government and Maine's people and businesses, the department is committed to providing its customers with prompt and straight-forward information regarding the regulatory requirements affecting your proposed activity. For more information or for further assistance, you can contact Julie Churchill, DEP's Assistance Director, at 1-800-789-9802 or by e-mail at