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Green Business Certification-Workbook Assistance Information

Administrative Offices: (Environmental Policy, Commitment letter, etc.)

  1. Environmental Policy:

    It's pretty much up to the business as it really is a marketing question. We want the businesses to have enough initiatives in place to reduce the business' environmental impact to demonstrate they are going about efforts systematically rather than in an unorganized fashion.

    Contact our office and we can provide additional information and examples.

  2. Commitment letter (employees):

    "ABC business is participating in the State's Environmental Leader program. Please join us in trying to reduce our environmental impact. Signatures below"

Stormwater Management:

  1. Stormwater drain stenciling information: see link: stormwater stenciling

Water Conservation:

  1. Conserving water with Low-flow Pre-rinse Spray Valves: There are suppliers of these types of units for food servicing, etc., that look no different than a conventional spray valve, however are designed to use less water. By installing this unit, you can save money, improve efficiency, and conserve water. You may contact a plumbing supply company and other suppliers.

    Contact our office and we can provide additional assistance certification information.

Contact: Julie Churchill, 1-800-789-9802