South Portland/Portland VOC Canister Sampling Results

Page last updated: October 5, 2020 11:12 AM

Graphic Charts of 24-Hour Average Canister Results

Most Recent Month

Date Location Sample ID
August 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_Aug2020
August 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Aug2020
August 2020 SP High School SPHS_Aug2020
August 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Aug2020
August 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Aug2020
August 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDOAug2020
August 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POGAug2020
August 2020 Po West Commercial PWCAug2020
August 2020 Portable Sampling Platform PSP_Aug2020
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Date Location Sample ID
January 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_Jan2020
January 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Jan2020
January 2020 SP High School SPHS_Jan2020
January 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Jan2020
January 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Jan2020
January 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Jan2020
January 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POG_Jan2020
January 2020 Po West Commercial PWC_Jan2020
February 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_Feb2020
February 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Feb2020
February 2020 SP High School SPHS_Feb2020
February 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Feb2020
February 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Feb2020
February 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Feb2020
February 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POG_Feb2020
February 2020 Po West Commercial PWC_Feb2020
March 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_Mar2020
March 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Mar2020
March 2020 SP High School SPHS_Mar2020
March 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Mar2020
March 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Mar2020
March 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Mar2020
March 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POG_Mar2020
March 2020 Po West Commercial PWC_Mar2020
April 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_Apr2020
April 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Apr2020
April 2020 SP High School SPHS_Apr2020
April 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Apr2020
April 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Apr2020
April 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDOApr2020
April 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POGApr2020
April 2020 Po West Commercial PWCApr2020
May 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_May2020
May 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_May2020
May 2020 SP High School SPHS_May2020
May 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_May2020
May 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_May2020
May 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDOMay2020
May 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POGMay2020
May 2020 Po West Commercial PWCMay2020
June 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_June2020
June 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_June2020
June 2020 SP High School SPHS_June2020
June 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_June2020
June 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_June2020
June 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDOJune2020
June 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POGJune2020
June 2020 Po West Commercial PWCJune2020
July 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_July2020
July 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_July2020
July 2020 SP High School SPHS_July2020
July 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_July2020
July 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_July2020
July 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDOJuly2020
July 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POGJuly2020
July 2020 Po West Commercial PWCJuly2020
August 2020 SPAssessors Office SPAssess_Aug2020
August 2020 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Aug2020
August 2020 SP High School SPHS_Aug2020
August 2020 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Aug2020
August 2020 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Aug2020
August 2020 Po Deering Oaks PDOAug2020
August 2020 Po Ocean Gateway POGAug2020
August 2020 Po West Commercial PWCAug2020
August 2020 Portable Sampling Platform PSP_Aug2020
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Date Location Sample ID
June & July 2019 SP Assessors Office SPAssess_JuneJuly2019
June & July 2019 Po Deering Oaks PDO_JuneJuly2019
August 2019 SP Assessors Office SPAssess_Aug2019
August 2019 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Aug2019
August 2019 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Aug2019
September 2019 SP Assessors Office SPAssess_Sep2019
September 2019 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Sep2019
Sept/October 2019 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_SepOct2019
September 2019 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Sep2019
October 2019 SP Assessors Office SPAssess_Oct2019
October 2019 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Oct2019
October 2019 SP High School SPHS_Oct2019
October 2019 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Oct2019
October 2019 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Oct2019
November 2019 SP Assessors Office SPAssess_Nov2019
November 2019 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Nov2019
November 2019 SP High School SPHS_Nov2019
November 2019 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Nov2019
November 2019 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Nov2019
November 2019 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Nov2019
November 2019 Po Ocean Gateway POG_Nov2019
November 2019 Po West Commercial PWC_Nov2019
December 2019 SP Assessors Office SPAssess_Dec2019
December 2019 SP Bug Light SPBugLight_Dec2019
December 2019 SP High School SPHS_Dec2019
December 2019 SP Redbank CC SPRedbankCC_Dec2019
December 2019 SP School Admin SPSchoolAdmin_Dec2019
December 2019 Po Deering Oaks PDO_Dec2019
December 2019 Po Ocean Gateway POG_Dec2019
December 2019 Po West Commercial PWC_Dec2019

Excel Spreadsheet of All Canister Numerical Data

Data collected by the project is available in an Excel spreadsheet containing both the grab sampling and 24-hour average data.

Report on Canister Data by Maine CDC

The Maine CDC reviewed the data from November 2019 through January 2020 and prepared this Summary Report. Maine CDC recently provided an updated Summary Report of their analysis of VOC levels that includes data from February through June 2020.

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Location overview map
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Click on the location map and scroll through "zoomed-in" versions, one for each South Portland district and Portland. The larger scale maps allow us to better depict spatially where a grab sample was taken within each district. While no grab samples were taken in Portland, a zoomed-in map of their 24-hour stationary sampling sites area is provided to help show the proximity of them to the South Portland grab sample locations.

Graphic Charts of Grab Sampling Canister Results

Please NOTE: The graphic charts visualizing the grouping of the aliphatic compound results now include our improved approach for summarizing and displaying this data.

Of the 72 total grab sample canisters made available for this phase, 56 had valid results, 13 did not and 3 canisters (ME09254, ME09357, ME09358) were not returned. The valid samples are listed in the table to the right. Click on the "Sample ID" for any date / location to see the graphic visualization of the results. The 13 invalid samples were due to the following reasons:

  • Citizens reported that three canisters (ME09226, ME09217, ME09388) did not have available vacuum to collect a sample. Most likely, these canisters leaked during shipment.
  • Three other canisters (ME09323, ME09305, ME09322) did not collect an adequate amount of sample air needed for the laboratory's analytical system to run a valid analysis.
  • The remaining six canisters (ME09229, ME09231, ME09232, ME09233, ME09234, ME09235) are void due to laboratory error. The canisters were not pumped down before shipment to South Portland therefore it was not possible to collect a valid sample of ambient air.
  • The last sample (ME09421) was returned to the laboratory past it's valid holding time and was therefore not analyzed.

Many canisters were returned without noting the location (street name) where the sample was taken. Maine DEP has reviewed the chain of custody tags and has been able to determine the location for most. Please contact us if this information is not correct or if you have more information to add.

CAUTION to grab sampling data users: It is not appropriate to use grab sample data for any comparison to longer term average (e.g. annual) levels, guidelines or standards for health assessment purposes. Staff from the Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) gave a presentation to the South Portland City Council on November 26, 2019 that describes and illustrates their approach to interpreting this data from a health perspective. The grab sample data charts we’ve created here are intended to simply be a visualization of each sample’s results from an air quality perspective, comparing them to the 2018 annual averages from our Portland Deering Oaks site, which for this purpose are being used as reference or background concentrations for the area.

For more information, contact Danielle Twomey (207) 592-3951.

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Date Location Sample ID
6/12/2019 C Street ME09225
6/12/2019 Elm St ME09227
6/16/2019 Evan St ME09228
6/17/2019 Fisherman Ln ME09216
6/30/2019 Oakdale Ave ME09256
6/30/2019 Latham St ME09249
7/1/2019 Cash St ME09250
7/2/2019 Chapel St ME09253
7/3/2019 Olive Rd ME09255
7/5/2019 Sunset Ave ME09268
7/7/2019 Broadway ME09263
7/8/2019 Osborne Ave ME09267
7/10/2019 Hobart St ME09266
7/10/2019 Mussey St ME09269
7/10/2019   ME09295
7/12/2019 Skillings St ME09293
7/14/2019 River Place ME09290
7/15/2019   ME09265
7/15/2019 Ridgeland Ave ME09291
7/18/2019 Haskell Ave ME09307
7/21/2019 Mussey St ME09303
7/22/2019 Skillings St ME09304
7/25/2019 Sylvan Rd ME09292
7/29/2019   ME09289
7/29/2019 Elm St ME09301
7/29/2019   ME09319
7/29/2019 Lowell St ME09321
7/31/2019 Osborne Ave ME09332
8/1/2019 Mildred St ME09306
8/4/2019 Fort Rd ME09320
8/4/2019   ME09333
8/4/2019 Lincoln St ME09337
8/6/2019 Waterman Dr ME09302
8/10/2019 Latham St ME09355
8/11/2019 Bug Light Park ME09345
8/12/2019 Beach St ME09359
8/13/2019 Haskell Ave ME09334
8/16/2019 Bellaire Rd ME09335
8/19/2019 Osborne Ave ME09369
8/21/2019 Lincoln St ME09368
8/21/2019 Reynolds St ME09381
8/22/2019 Beaufort Pt ME09385
8/23/2019 Chestnut St ME09364
8/26/2019 Beaufort Pt ME09367
8/28/2019   ME09370
8/29/2019 Ridgeland Ave ME09389
8/30/2019 Reynolds St ME09400
8/31/2019   ME09387
9/1/2019   ME09398
9/2/2019   ME09386
9/2/2019 Bonnybriar Rd ME09399
9/3/2019 Curtis St ME09365
9/8/2019 Wermuth Rd ME09422
9/9/2019  Fort Rd ME09331
9/12/2019 Smith St ME09356
9/12/2019   ME09418