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Driving Tips to reduce pollution and save money (off site)

Mobile Sources are one of the largest sources of air pollution in Maine. Mobile sources include light duty cars and trucks, medium duty vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and any number of off-road vehicles such as snowmobiles and ATV’s.

Vehicle emissions can cause dangerous levels of particulate matter (soot) and hazardous air pollutants. Improperly maintained vehicles and careless driving habits can cost Maine consumers thousands of dollars a year in fuel and vehicle repairs.

Visit Maine DOT for information on the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Settlement.

Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) (off site) Maine participates in the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a regional collaboration of 12 Northeast and Mid Atlantic States, including evaluation of clean vehicle options for Maine and increasing the efficiency of freight transportation.

Clean Diesel Program

Clean School Bus Program

Ethanol - information on fuel containing ethanol.  Included are fact sheets for owners and operators of gasoline storage tanks, retail station owners and operators, and some links to other sites with information on Ethanol.

Diesel Testing - information on the States' On-Road Heavy Duty Diesel Testing Program which is operated in cooperation with the Maine State Police.

Enhanced Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance - emissions portion of the Enhanced Safety Inspection Program for Cumberland County. It includes On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) inspection.

Vehicle Emissions and Greenhouse Gas Data - download data files for vehicle populations, vehicle miles traveled, fuel consumption and more.

Public Data on Auto Manufacturers Zev Credits & Sales