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Employers - Individual unemployment tax rate notices were mailed on December 17, 2021. Despite unprecedented pressure on the unemployment compensation system since the beginning of the pandemic, the 2022 employer tax schedule, which supports the state’s unemployment trust fund, will remain stable at Schedule B. Schedule B is the second lowest unemployment tax schedule under the law. Under Schedule B, the average tax per employee is expected to be $268.80 per year. Each employer's experience rating is unique, therefore the tax change will vary by employer. More information: https://www.maine.gov/labor/news_events/article.shtml?id=6037125

Unemployment is an insurance program providing temporary, partial wage replacement to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. The program is funded by Unemployment premiums paid by employers based on the amount of wages paid for covered employment. The Unemployment Premium or "tax" is paid on the first $12,000 only in gross wages an employer pays to an individual in a calendar year.

  • Assist employers with registering, filling quarterly wage reports, and making payments.
  • Answer questions about liability, rates, seasonality, successorships and much more.
  • Advisory services on unemployment insurance benefit charges and tax matters.
  • Appellate services to resolve benefit eligibility and unemployment tax liability disputes.
  • WorkShare, an alternative to layoffs during a temporary business downturn
  • Speak to local groups to explain aspects of the unemployment law and system.

Forms and General Information

SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System)

SIDES E-Response provides an easy and efficient portal for electronically posting responses to separation information requests.


  • No charge
  • Reduces postal expenses
  • Provides confirmation receipt
  • Helps reduce unemployment tax rates by reducing improper payments
  • Detects potential claim issues more timely
  • Data checks to ensure exchange of complete and valid registration

Enroll in SIDES E-Response or to make changes to your existing registration.