About the Maine Department of Labor

Greetings!  The Department of Labor is committed to ensuring that Maine’s employment environment is one in which all of us—job seekers, workers, employers and communities—can thrive.  The Department is committed to serving Maine workers and businesses by:

  • helping employers recruit and train a talented workforce,
  • providing workers with skills needed to compete in our economy,
  • assisting individuals when jobs are lost,
  • aiding people with disabilities reach career goals,
  • ensuring safe and fair workplaces for people on the job, and
  • providing research and analysis of employment data to support job growth.

We work to advance the safety and economic well-being of all workers and businesses in Maine with support for high wage, in-demand jobs, life-long learning and independent living, economic stability and fair treatment of all people on the job.

Our team at the Department of Labor is here to assist you with your job-related goals including recruitment and training, job searches and skill-building, temporary wage replacement and career goals, workplace safety and new employment data. Whether we are helping our workforce gain the best skills to meet the needs of current and future employers, ensuring that employers can access those seeking jobs, or helping people laid off through no fault of their own get back to work, we are here to serve the workers, employers and communities of Maine.

Please take the opportunity to access information on our website, visit the CareerCenters, or contact us with questions.

With appreciation and best regards,

Laura Fortman

Department Leadership









Bureau Directors