Property Tax Educational Programs

The Property Tax School is held annually, the first week of August. The school is the centerpiece of the Training and Certification program which is administered by the state's Property Tax Division.

The Property Tax Institute, which offers specialized training for certified assessors, is held annually in May.

The Fall IAAO Course, a week-long course from the International Association of Assessing Officers, held annually in October.


Property Tax Institute - May 20 - 22, 2020

The Property Tax Division and the Maine Chapter of the IAAO host an annual three-day educational event at the Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry. The 2020 event will be held at the Jordan Hotel  and will include a presentation on valuation of low-end residential properties and manufacutred home parks, spanning Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.              


Property Tax School - 2020: August 3 - 7, 2020

The Property Tax Division will host its annual week-long Maine Property Tax School during the week of August 3 - 7.    

The Property Tax School is open to anyone with an interest in assessment appraisal and property taxation, the school provides professional training for part-time and full-time Maine assessors as well as others involved in appraisal and assessment administration in the state.

The school offers all three Introductory Courses, a Review Course for those who plan to sit for the exam on Friday, several general education courses, and a few advanced education courses.

Request for Pre-approval Certification/ Recertification Credit - To request continuing education credit for an assessor training course, seminar, or meeting.

Presentations from the 2019 Property Tax School 

PowerPoint presentation for Course PT207: Looking at the Positives: Alternate Perspectives on Current Use and Land Preservation

PowerPoint presentation for Course PT212: Eminet Domain and Its Effect on Private Property

PowerPoint presentation for Course PT213: Tax Map Quandaries and Curiosities

PowerPoint presentations for Course PT214: Renovation and Rehabilitation


Fall IAAO Course - 2020: October (specific dates to be determined)

The Property Tax Division will host a week-long IAAO course a week in October. The 2020    offering will be Course 311: Real Property Modeling Concepts, held in Portland.