Municipal Services

The Municipal Services Unit is one of two areas that make up the Property Tax Division. This unit is responsible for providing technical support to municipal assessors, taxpayers, legislators, and other governmental agencies.

Assessor Agents

Delinquent Tax Rates (State Treasurer)

Mapping Companies

Municipal Valuation Return Statistical Summary

State Exemption Reimbursements

Revaluation Firms

Valuation of Affordable Housing Properties

LD 1 -- Tax Levy Limit (State Economist)

Full Value Tax Rates

Each year, Maine Revenue Services determines the full equalized value of each municipality and subsequently calculates a full value tax rate. These tax rates are calculated in order to facilitate equitable comparisons.

Full value tax rates for years 2013 - 2022 (PDF)

Municipal Information Listing

Each year, the Property Tax Division compiles a list of municipal information based on a survey submitted by each municipality.

Municipal Information Listing (PDF)