Bulletin Revised
Bulletin No. 1 (Maine State Valuations) (PDF) 9/5/19
Bulletin No. 2 (True and Perfect Lists) (PDF) 10/16/20
Bulletin No. 3 (Specifications for Tax Equalization Program) This bulletin has been replaced with the publication "Model Contract for Revaluation Services" on 12/29/16 (see link below)
Bulletin No. 5 (Tax Exemptions for Benevolent and Charitable Institutions) (PDF)
Supreme Court cases from Bulletin No. 5 (PDF)
Bulletin No. 6 (Taxation of Mobile Homes and Camper Trailers) (PDF) 12/9/19
Bulletin No. 7 (Tax Exemptions for Veterans) (PDF)
For more information, see: Bureau of Veterans' Services
Bulletin No. 9 (Movement of Mobile Homes by Dealers or Transporters) (PDF) 3/26/20
Bulletin No. 10 (Property Tax Abatement and Appeals Procedures) (PDF)
Basic Residential Appeal Procedure Chart (PDF)
Bulletin No. 13 (Motor Vehicle Excise Tax & Personal Property Tax) (PDF) 12/9/19
Bulletin No. 15 (The Valuation Book) (PDF) 9/5/19
Bulletin No. 17 (Exemption of Farm Machinery) (PDF) 6/22/15
Bulletin No. 19 (Maine Tree Growth Tax Law) (PDF) 5/19/16
Bulletin No. 20 (Farmland Tax Law) (PDF) 4/9/20
Bulletin No. 21 (Open Space Tax Law) (PDF) 3/30/21
Bulletin No. 22 (Training and Certification) (PDF) 4/12/18
Bulletin No. 23 (Primary Assessing Areas) This bulletin is retired as of 12/30/2016
Bulletin No. 24 (Effects of Easements on Just Value) This bulletin is retired as of 9/5/19
Bulletin No. 25 (Valuation of Power Lines) This bulletin is retired as of 2/21/2019
Bulletin No. 26 (Advanced Assessor Training and Certification) (PDF)
Approved Advanced Assessor Training Course List (PDF)
Bulletin No. 27 (Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement) (PDF) 4/9/20
Bulletin No. 28 (Business Equipment Tax Exemption) (PDF) 7/3/19
Bulletin No. 29 (Solar Energy Equipment Exemption) (PDF) 7/26/21