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Property Tax Division
PO Box 9106
Augusta, ME 04332-9106

Telephone: 207-624-5600
Fax: 207-287-6396

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List of field appraisers

Alphabetical Listing

Name Title
Batchelder, Cathy Unorganized Territory Property Appraiser
Berry, Stefanie Municipal Services Property Appraiser
Bouton, Cassie Municipal Services Property Appraiser
Brunelle, Bill Analyst
Campbell, Kelsey Customer Service Representative
Dearborn, Errol Unorganized Territory Property Appraiser
Maria French Deputy Director
Grenier, Sandra Unorganized Territory Property Appraiser
Lubejko, Andrea Chief of Training and Certification
Lucas, Linda Current Use Programs, Reimbursements
Maringola, Deb Excise Tax and Real Estate Transfer Tax
Philbrick, Nichole Municipal Services Tax Section Manager
Peter Lacy Director
Salley, Joe Deputy Director
Thayer, Trudi Customer Service Representative
Vigue, Heather Office Specialist Supervisor
Webb, Amanda Customer Service Representative
Whynot, Lisa Deputy Director