About Us

Mission Statement

 MRS' mission is to fairly and efficiently administer the State's tax laws with integrity and professionalism.

Vision Statement

Our vision for Maine Revenue Services is to be the most effective, innovative agency in Maine state government. We are committed to providing the citizens of Maine with outstanding service and we will continuously strive to exceed their expectations.

Statement of Values

Public Service: Every employee of Maine Revenue Services is firmly committed to delivering prompt, courteous, respectful service to every taxpayer, every time.

Integrity: We recognize that constantly applying the principles of integrity, honesty and accountability in all our decisions and actions, as individuals and as an agency, is critical to retaining the confidence and trust of the public we serve. We strive to administer the tax laws fairly, consistently, and impartially.

Teamwork: We recognize that the cooperation and participation of creative, diverse individuals is the key to our success. We understand that commitment and accountability at all levels of the organization are enhanced when everyone participates in decision-making.

Growth: We recognize that our people are our most valuable asset. We encourage and assist all employees in recognizing and developing their potential.

Technology: Maine Revenue Services is committed to utilizing the latest technology to ease the compliance burdens of taxpayers and to ensure that we can serve the general public promptly, accurately and efficiently.

Efficiency: We strive to maximize the return on our human, technical and financial assets to ensure that excellent results are achieved with the least possible expenditure of public resources.

Effectiveness: We are committed to seeking out opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the services we provide by continuously evaluating our programs and procedures and implementing needed changes.

Confidentiality: Safeguarding the confidentiality of taxpayer information is of utmost importance at Maine Revenue Services. Voluntary compliance is the foundation of our tax system. We understand that the willingness of taxpayers to disclose confidential information is predicated on the assurance that their privacy will be protected.

Communication: We recognize that a culture of continuous improvement depends upon a free-flowing exchange of information throughout the organization and with our customers. We value and expect the open and honest sharing of ideas and concerns at all levels of our organization.

Program Descriptions

Maine Revenue Services, through the State Tax Assessor, is empowered to assess and collect Maine’s sales and use taxes, individual and corporate income taxes, motor fuel taxes, estate tax, business taxes, cigarette and tobacco taxes, special industry taxes, state valuation and property taxes in the unorganized territory. It also administers the real estate transfer tax, the Maine Homestead Exemption Program, the Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement program, and several municipal tax reimbursement programs, and exercises general supervision of local assessing officials.