Tax Exemptions & Financial Benefits for Veterans

    Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption

    Per Maine Statute, 36 MRSA section 1483, sub-section 12, as amended by PL 2009, c. 434, section 20 :
    Automobiles owned by veterans who are granted free registration of those vehicles by the Secretary of State under Title 29‑A, section 523, subsection 1 or who are disabled by injury or disease incurred or aggravated during active military service in the line of duty and are receiving any form of pension or compensation from the United States Government for total, service-connected disability.

    Under 36 M.R.S. section 1483(12), veterans who are otherwise eligible for the exemption are authorized regardless of whether they have a disabled veteran’s plate. It is important to note that a veteran must pay the regular associated registration fee if they choose a different registration plate. However, the excise tax exemption is authorized if they meet the eligibility requirements.

    The Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services can assist in determining eligibility for motor vehicle excise tax exemption for certain veterans, specifically helping understand service-connected disability rating as outlined in 36 M.R.S. section 1483(12). This would require the veteran to provide proof of “total, service-connected disability” in the form of a current Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefit Summary letter.
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    For assistance, please contact our office at 207-287-7020 or email at:

    Veterans’ Emergency Financial Assistance Program (VEFAP)

    The Maine Bureau of Veterans’ Services have created VEFAP for veterans who suffer an emergency and do not have sufficient savings or access to other financial assistance to resolve it. Examples of grant assistance (up to a $2,000) for veterans who are Maine residents include - To prevent or resolve the veteran from being homeless; vehicle repair to maintain employment; illness of the veteran or family member that results in hardship; damage to the veterans home due to fire, flood, or hurricane that is not covered by insurance, up to $500 for a dental emergency (suffering pain and/or infection), and any other condition that puts the veteran at risk of not having the basic necessities of food, shelter, or safety. For more information, or to request financial assistance, please contact one of our vendors below:

    Financial Guide for Maine Veterans

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    Veterans Property Tax Statutes

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    Tax Exemptions for Military Pensions:

    Social Security Benefits for Military and Veterans:

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    VA Aid and Attendance Benefits and Housebound allowance:

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