Property Tax Law Book

The Property Tax Law Book includes provisions throughout Maine law that have an impact on property taxes. Title 36 is the primary tax law volume, but other titles contain relevant law, too. Selected sections from each title shown below are included, but are not all inclusive. See the Revisor's site for all Maine laws.

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This information is made available on the MRS website as a public service. The Property Tax Division does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the statutes included in this publication.

2018 Law Book

Cover and table of contents, Volume 1

Cover and table of contents, Volume 2

U.S. Code

Maine Consitutional provisions

Title 1 - General Provisions

Title 4 - Judiciary

Title 5 - Administrative Procedures and Services

Title 7 - Agriculture and Animals

Title 10 - Commerce and Trade

Title 11 - Uniform Commercial Code

Title 12 - Conservation

Title 13 - Corporations

Title 14 - Court Procedure - Civil

Title 17 - Crimes

Title 20-A - Education

Title 22 - Health and Welfare

Title 23 - Transportation

Title 24 - Insurance

Title 29-A - Motor Vehicles

Title 30-A - Municipalities and Counties

Title 33 - Property

Title 35-A - Public Utilities

Title 36 - Taxation

Title 37-B - Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management

Title 38 - Waters and Navigation


All parts combined into two files: