July 9, 2017


Construction begins July 10 on a new intake pipe for the Casco Hatchery. During the construction project there will be a pipeline floating on the southern end of Pleasant Lake. The floating pipeline will be marked appropriately to alert boaters.

This portion of the construction is expected to take three weeks. During that time, workers will be working on the water assembling the pipeline. Preconstruction work completed already on the pipeline will diminish the amount of on-water construction time.

The pipe will be assembled 200 feet from shore, which is the border of the headway speed zone. This is done to for safety reasons, and to limit the impact to boaters and shorefront property owners.

The new intake pipe is replacing the old intake line, which unexpectedly lost water flow last summer. While the diminished water flow did not interrupt hatchery production last year, failure to replace the intake this season would mean a year of production would be lost. The Casco Hatchery raises landlocked salmon, brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout which are stocked throughout the state.

For more information, please call 287-5262