May 19, 2017

MDIFW NEWS -- ATV Riders Reminded of 60? Maximum Width Limit On Portions Of Maine ATV Trail Network

For Immediate Release May 19, 2017 ATV Riders Reminded of 60? Maximum Width Limit On Portions Of Maine ATV Trail Network AUGUSTA, Maine -- Maine has a 6,000 mile ATV trail system, the largest in New England, thanks to the generosity of private landowners who allow the use of ATVs on their land.

This private landowner support has allowed Maine?s recreational ATV industry to grow and prosper, from a fledgling recreational industry to economic catalyst in many rural parts of the state.

Maine registers nearly 70,000 ATVs annually, and ATV riding contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to Maine?s economy. In 2002, there was just over 2,000 miles of trails and less than 50,000 ATVs registered in the state.

The backbone of the ATV economy are private landowners who have worked with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (ACF) and the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) to create a vast network of trails that allows for ATV recreation while protecting private property.

Since 2005, this agreement was based on a maximum width of 60? for ATVs. Maine?s ATV trail system is designed for use by ATVs that size as trail widths, water crossings and trail entrances are designed for an ATV 60? wide or smaller. ATV trails maps and brochures clearly mark the ATV size requirement. Agreements with landowners that allowed the trail system to be built are based on that size.

With side-by-side ATVs growing both in size and popularity, there has been an increase in the number of complaints associated with oversized ATVs damaging private property, bridges, and trails.

IFW and ACF are reminding ATV riders about the 60? maximum width limit on many trails within the Maine State ATV Trail Network. Over the next few weeks, signs will be posted on certain ATV trails reminding ATV riders of the size limit. The Maine Warden Service and The Maine Forest Service will also be enforcing the maximum width limit on state trails where these signs are posted as well.

Private landowners, in conjunction with the state, have supported an industry and created an ATV trail network that is instrumental in supporting not only those who enjoy ATV riding, but business and jobs that support ATVing. Please support all landowners by observing all signs and respecting private property when riding an ATV.