April 14, 2017

MDIFW NEWS - - 2017 Maine Warden Service Annual Awards/Winslow

[Winslow, Maine ? April 14, 2017] The Maine Warden Service celebrated its 137th anniversary today at the Winslow VFW. Included in today?s celebration was the annual awards banquet that gives special recognition to game wardens for their performance in 2016 and includes the recipient of the Maine Game Warden of the Year Award. Also highlighted are those who assist the Maine Warden Service during the course of their mission, the Legendary Game Warden of the Year, Game Warden Supervisor of the Year, and the Colonel?s Award.

The work of Maine?s game wardens is diverse and challenging and takes place during the best and worst of weather conditions. Achievements that were recognized included incidents where human lives were saved. Other examples highlighted the conservation of Maine?s resources in ways deserving of special recognition. The Maine Warden Service is proud to be able to honor game wardens that made a distinct difference in people?s lives and for conserving Maine?s natural resources in 2016. The following were recipients of this year?s annual awards.

2016 Maine Game Warden of the Year:

Recipient: Game Warden Kris MacCabe (Wilton)

Game Warden MacCabe has been a Maine Game Warden since 2008, and has been a solid law enforcement officer serving the citizens of the State of Maine since his first day on the job. Warden MacCabe started his career in the Phillips District in the Western Maine Mountains. He worked exceptionally hard learning this district and would often explore the area during his time off in order to learn it even better. Warden MacCabe spent several years in that district before transferring within Section 4 to Farmington, where he is currently the district game warden. Since the beginning of his career, Warden MacCabe has consistently displayed exceptional performance in all facets of his job, including the pursuit of intentional fish and game violators, time management, public relations, community involvement, and completion of K-9 team duties. During the past year, Warden MacCabe has continued to display exceptional performance as he has throughout his career. For these reasons, he is deserving of the 2016 Maine Game Warden of the Year Award.

2016 Supervisor of the Year:

Recipient: Sergeant Alan Gillis (Orrington)

Sergeant Alan Gillis has worked for the Maine Warden Service for over 23 years and has been a supervisor for nearly seven of those years. Sergeant Gillis is a professional, hard-working sergeant who is responsible for supervising game wardens in one of the busiest geographical sections in the state. His understanding of the game wardens he supervises, his knowledge of the area, and the relationships he has fostered with the public, other agencies, and organizations we work with is invaluable to this bureau and the department.

*The Outstanding Supervisor Award is presented annually to the supervisory officer who has demonstrated superior knowledge and leadership in the area of conservation law enforcement supervision and by doing so has gained the respect of administrators, supervisors, fellow officers, other Department employees, other agencies and the public regarding expertise and performance in the field of supervision.

2016 Legendary Game Warden Award:

Recipient: Retired Game Warden Don Annis (Monson)

*The Legendary Game Warden of the Year award shall be presented to any retired member of the Maine Warden Service who, consistently in the past, conducted themselves in such a manner as to display exceptional expertise in the areas of conservation law enforcement and since retiring has continued to provide a passion for meeting the goals and mission of the MWS.

2016 K9 Search and Rescue of the Year Award:

Recipient: Game Warden Corporal Michelle Merrifield & K9 Piper (Union)

Recognized for the their rescue of a 70 year-old-man missing for approximately eight hours, was overdue for two doses of medication, immobile, and suffering from mild hypothermia.

2016 K9 Conservation Case of the Year Award:

Recipient: Game Warden Paul Farrington & K9 Koda (Springfield)

Recognized for the teams proficient evidence searching regarding a case in Merrill, Maine in where a subject discharged a firearm too close to a dwelling. In addition, Warden Farrington demonstrates continued hard work and dedication in K9 search deployments and K9 training for the Maine Warden Service.

2016 Exemplary Service Awards:

Game Warden Josh Polland (Greenville)

Recognized for outstanding law enforcement efforts related to fishing enforcement and cases related to hunting under the influence, illegal deer hunting and guiding without a license.

Game Warden Doug Kulis (Georgetown)

Recognized for his outstanding work apprehending a habitual deer hunting violator in Georgetown.

Game Warden Josh Beal (Swanville)

Recognized for apprehending a habitual trout fishing violator two years in a row.

Game Wardens Ethan Buuck (Mt. Vernon) and Lauren Roddy (Belgrade Lakes)

Recognized for assisting several passengers and likely saving lives regarding an overturned watercraft on Belgrade Lake.

Game Warden Cody Lounder (Gorham)

Recognized for his outstanding efforts related to fishing and game bird enforcement while managing one of Maine?s busiest patrol areas.

Game Warden Gary Sibley (Fort Kent)

Recognized for his expertise in search and rescue and likely saving the life of a missing man from a camp on Square Lake in Aroostook County during extreme cold.

Game Warden Adrian Marquis (Fort Kent)

Recognized for his diligence and area knowledge to investigate vandalism issues on Long Lake (Aroostook County) resulting in three local residents being charged with Class A arson related to ice fishing shacks and equipment.

Game Warden Dave Chabot (Greene)

Recognized for successfully apprehending an uncooperative convicted felon.

*A certificate for Exemplary Service shall be presented when, in the opinion of the Awards Board, a Warden has rendered relevant outstanding service which deserves special recognition.

2016 Maine Warden Association Merit Awards:

Recipient: April Collins - Maine Warden Service Administrative Assistant (Greenville office)

Recipient: Mark Sayer

Recipients: Shelly Simmons and daughters (Morrill)

Recipient: Joe Poirier

*The MWSA Merit Award provides recognition to a civilian(s) for highly meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service. For the purpose of this award, conduct above the ordinary course of duty, when a civilian, because of individual or team initiative, courage and diligence, provides assistance with the goals and mission of the Maine Warden Service.

2016 Colonel?s Award: Maine Warden Service Colonel Joel Wilkinson

Recipient: Brian MacMaster - Director of Investigations, Maine Attorney General?s Office

*Presented annually to an individual or individuals who the Colonel has determined have provided distinguished support and/or service to the Maine Warden Service and/or its mission.