March 11, 2017

Nine-year-old boy rescued from Stacyville woods

Nine-year-old Rowen Ross of Sherman was found cold but otherwise in good health after spending more than nine hours in the woods last night. A tracking team to include a State Police K9, a game warden and a Baxter Park Ranger found Ross huddled under a large tree near the Penobscot / Aroostook County line at approximately 9:45 PM. In freezing temperatures and icy conditions, the team spent several hours methodically tracking Ross using the K9 and Ross? intermittent tracks found in the frozen snow.

Game wardens, Penobscot county deputies and state troopers had been searching for Ross with aircraft and K9 teams since he was last seen behind Katahdin Middle School at approximately 12 noon yesterday. The news of the search resulted in more than a hundred volunteers assembling at the school in an effort to assist. Game wardens used the volunteer searchers on foot, in vehicles and on snowmobiles in an effort to contain the large wooded search area behind the school. Numerous area fire / rescue personnel, a Maine Army National Guard FLIR helicopter, a Border Patrol helicopter and Baxter State Park Rangers assisted in the effort as well.

Game Warden Lt. Dan Scott said, ?Ross knew he was lost and walked until it got dark, at which time he sat down on a property line between Penobscot and Aroostook Counties and waited to be rescued.? Ross said he had gotten a little wet, was cold, and spent some time yelling for help. He said he was glad when he heard the game warden yelling for him.

Attached photo courtesy of the Maine Warden Service. Game Warden Seth Powers accompanies Rowen Ross back to an awaiting snowmobile for transportation out of the woods.