May 23, 2016

Dover Foxcroft man dies on Long Pond near Millinocket

[Long Pond, TAR 11 - Saturday May 21, 2016] At approximately 5:00 PM, the Maine Warden Service received a call regarding a man who had fallen from a watercraft into the water and was deceased. Kevin Pullyard, 52, from Dover Foxcroft, Maine, and three friends were staying at a campsite on Long Pond in TAR 11.

Pullyard had gone out in a canoe to fish alone on Long Pond while the three others remained on shore. The friends witnessed Pullyard fishing and observed him stand up in the canoe and fall overboard. Kevin was wearing a lifejacket. Pullyard?s friends located another watercraft from a nearby campsite and responded out on the pond. They arrived to find Pullyard floating due to his lifejacket, however, Pullyard was unresponsive. Lifesaving measures were attempted but were unsuccessful.

Millinocket ambulance and game wardens responded to the remote location. The cause of death is still under investigation.