May 14, 2016

Maine game wardens locate overdue fisherman in northern Aroostook County

[Snowshoe Lake/T7 R7 ? Friday, May 13, 2016] Maine game wardens were called last evening to another search that involved an overdue fisherman on Snowshoe Lake located in northern Penobscot County. Mike Jones, 61, from Yarmouth, Maine had been fishing a brook between Snowshoe Lake and Grand Lake Seboeis with friends when he failed to return at the end of the day. The fishing party had boated across Snowshoe Lake to get to the brook.

Game wardens searched the area through several hours of heavy rain fall until 2:30 this morning. The search resumed at 5:30 this morning (May 14). Game wardens were able to locate Jones at a remote campsite on Grand Lake Seboeis at 7 AM. Jones was wet but in good spirits. The game wardens then used a motorized canoe to get Jones from the remote camp site back to safety.

Jones had become disoriented late on Friday and was able to eventually make his way to the shore of the lake. He then started a camp fire and stayed there through the evening of heavy rainfall. Jones made several good decisions after becoming disoriented in the woods. He first found a safe location where he could easily be spotted. He then gathered materials to start a campfire. The campfire not only provided him with warmth but also served as a signaling device.

Attached photo courtesy of the Maine Warden Service. Mike Jones can be here seen in the center of the canoe being helped to shore by game wardens.