June 30, 2015

Changes to Registered Maine Guide Testing Process

AUGUSTA, Maine ? Beginning this July, individuals applying to become a Registered Maine Guide should be aware that changes have been made to the existing testing process. Currently, applicants must successfully complete both a written examination as well as an oral examination that includes map and compass, a catastrophic event scenario and a question and answer portion. The new testing process will now include a practical examination that will require a greater hands-on demonstration of skills. The Maine Guide Advisory Board pulled together a working group that has been meeting over the past two years to develop these changes. The group recently held three days of trial testing with Maine Game Wardens, Maine Marine Patrol Officers and experienced Registered Maine Guides who provided feedback to the working group after completing the trial test. The updated testing process will apply to the hunting, fishing, recreation and sea kayaking specializations.
?Changes to the guide testing process are being implemented to ensure that we continue to license only the most qualified and experienced individuals,? said Commissioner Chandler Woodcock. ?Registered Maine Guides are known for their knowledge and skills in the woods and on the water and play an important role in our economy as they work to introduce others to outdoor experiences that Maine has to offer.? This is the first time since 2003 that changes have been made to the guide testing process. Guides first began being licensed in Maine in 1887, although a standardized testing process was not implemented until 1975. Today, there are approximately 5,000 licensed guides in Maine. For more information about becoming a Maine Guide visit: http://www.maine.gov/ifw/licenses_permits/guide.htm
or contact Maryann Foye at (207) 287-3614