October 29, 2013

Hunter Orange Still the Rule for Maine Deer Hunters

Maine hunters who take to the woods this fall are reminded that hunter orange clothing is still the rule when it comes to being safe in the outdoors. Hunter orange has been shown to be the most visible and effective color when it comes to identification in the outdoors. Why hunter orange? During the last 5 years, the Maine Warden Service has averaged 25 citations a year for failure to wear hunter orange clothing. Hunter orange clothing can been seen better than any other color and thus alerts others to your presence. ?See and be seen,? is the rule of thumb. What is hunter orange? An article of hunter orange clothing must be in good and serviceable condition and be visible from all sides. It is a daylight fluorescent orange color, with a dominant wave length between 595 and 605 nanometers, an excitation purity of 85% and a luminance factor of not less than 40%. Who must wear hunter orange? Anyone who hunts any species with a firearm or a crossbow during any firearms season on deer, and on Youth Deer Day, must wear two articles of hunter orange. One must be a hat, the other to cover a major portion of the torso. This also applies to the muzzle-loading season on deer. For moose hunters, one article of hunter orange clothing must be worn except in WMD 15, 16, 22, 23, 25, and 26 during deer season and WMD 1-5, 7,8, and 19, where two pieces must be worn. Who does not have to wear hunter orange? Only waterfowl hunters, while hunting from a boat, blind or over decoys. Also, anyone hunting with bow and arrow during archery season. Hunter orange is just one thing that any hunter can do in the outdoors to be safe. Target identification, being prepared and never being in a hurry can also keep you from taking the shot that you?ll regret. Good luck, good hunting, and be safe!