September 6, 2013

Fall Education Programs at Maine Wildlife Park and Swan Island

FALL 2013 Wildlife/Conservation Education Program Schedules Set for Maine Wildlife Park and Swan Island

Close to 2000 children took part in our popular wildlife and conservation education field trip programming this spring at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray; and Swan Island in the Kennebec River in Richmond. Both Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife education facilities offer unique perspectives about Maine wildlife, habitats and conservation.

SCHOLARSHIPS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!! This Fall, we are offering 200 $5.00 scholarships for children attending programs at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray. We are also offering 50 $5.00 scholarships for children attending programming at Swan Island in Richmond. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis ? so call 287-5244 today to reserve your fall class trip! Adults, teachers and chaperones attending the programs will be charged the regular $5.00 PP fee.

Reservations are now being accepted for our September and October programs. Children from K-12 learn about eagles, owls, adaptations, predators, beavers, skins/skulls, Maine?s state symbols and much more with 23 different program topics from which to choose!

The Maine Wildlife Park has programs for up to 100 children per session on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am and 11am starting September 10th. Swan Island has programs for up to 60 children Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10am only; starting on September 9th.

For more information, please visit or; or or call directly to make a reservation at 287-5244.

Scholarship money is available for both facilities on a first come, first served basis. However, our regular admission fees, at $5 per person, have not changed for 5 years now ? a fantastic value!

We hope to see you and your students at the Wildlife Park or on the Island this fall!