March 21, 2013

2012 Deer Harvest Up 13% in Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine - The third annual Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day is Saturday, September 15, and you can help.

Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day is a way for all who enjoy the outdoors to say thank you by helping clean up unwanted trash and dumpsites on private property throughout the state. You can get involved by calling 1-800-750-9777.

Last year, volunteers helped clean up over 130 sites, collecting 95 tons of refuse and nearly 1,000 discarded tires.

This year, the Maine Department of Conservation, Forestry and Agriculture along with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are working with outdoor groups such as the Maine Snowmobile Association, the Maine Professional Guides Association, the Maine Trappers Association and other volunteers to help clean up private land.

Public access is the key to enjoying Maine?s outdoors, yet each year, access and the environment is threatened by illegal dumping. Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day is one way for those who enjoy the outdoors to say thank you to the landowners who allow them on their property.

Maine Forest Service Forest Protection Division is utilizing their incident command system to identify and prioritize illegal dumping sites throughout the state. They have compiled a database of illegal dump sites and they are utilizing their dispatching system to direct volunteers to different sites to help clean up.

You can also see if there are sites near you by viewing this Google Map link:

Maine Forest Rangers and Maine Game Wardens will be at dumpsites assisting volunteers, and the Maine Forest Service is providing equipment to haul away trash, and dispose of it properly.

Landowner Appreciation is one way for those who utilize private land for outdoor recreation to say thank you to landowners who provide that access.

Access is the key to Maine?s outdoor traditions. Over 90 percent of Maine is privately owned. Without public access to private land, there would be few opportunities to hike, hunt, fish, trap, boat, watch wildlife, snowmobile, mountain bike and ATV.

Get involved, and this year, help those landowners who help you enjoy the outdoors. It?s a great way to say thank you, and help ensure that future generations will have access to Maine?s vast outdoors.

For More information, contact; or to find a site near you call 1-800-750-9777.