June 26, 2020

MDIFW NEWS: Lefebvre Honored As Game Warden Of The Year, Spahr Honored as Game Warden Supervisor Of The Year

AUGUSTA, Maine - Game Warden Joey Lefebvre, who patrols the Lincoln/Knox county area, and Game Warden Sergeant Tim Spahr, who oversees the York/Cumberland county area, were recognized yesterday as Game Warden Of The Year and Game Warden Supervisor Of The Year for 2019. The awards were presented yesterday at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and they recognize game wardens for outstanding achievement over the past year. Below are excerpts from the nomination forms for both Spahr and Lefebvre. 2019 Maine Game Warden Supervisor of the Year: Game Warden Sergeant Tim Spahr (Kennebunk)

The Outstanding Supervisor Award is presented annually to the supervisory officer who has demonstrated superior knowledge and leadership in conservation law enforcement supervision and by doing so has gained the respect of administrators, supervisors, fellow officers, other Department employees, other agencies and the public regarding expertise and performance in the field of supervision.

Game Warden Sergeant Tim Spahr was recently honored at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy by his peers for Maine Game Warden Supervisor of the Year. Spahr started his career in the Maine Warden Service as a deputy warden in the Rangeley area in 1996. After a year as a deputy warden, he was hired as a full-time district warden and attended the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and Advanced Warden Academy in 1997. Sgt. Spahr was promoted to investigator in 2006 and then Sergeant in 2008.

His section, located at the southernmost point in Maine, handled 3,100 incidents in 2019. This was the state's second largest workload in 2019. Sergeant Spahr has managed 15 game wardens and several deputy game wardens since becoming sergeant. As sergeant, Tim has worked with Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife biologists and Maine Audubon biologists and has led the very successful law enforcement component of the piping plover recovery program.

Sgt. Spahr has received several commendations from agencies such as the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Portland Police, South Portland Police, US Fish and Wildlife Service, York County Emergency Management for criminal apprehension and search and rescue efforts. Sgt. Spahr has demonstrated the benefits of serving his community as a member of the Kennebunk Land Trust Board of Trustees and an adjunct instructor at the University of New England. Sgt. Spahr has also set an example in the importance of education and earned a masters degree from Harvard University.

2019 Maine Game Warden of the Year: Game Warden Joey Lefebvre (Damariscotta)

The Game Warden of the Year Award shall be presented to any member of Warden Service who, consistently in the past has conducted themselves in such a manner as to display an exceptional expertise in the areas of conservation law enforcement, management, community and public relations and all aspects of a game wardens duties and during the past year has performed in a manner that reflects continued performance in this manner.

Game Warden Joey Lefebvre was recently honored by his peers at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro for the 2019 Maine Game Warden of the Year. After a short time working in a remote portion of northwestern Maine beginning in 1995, Game Warden Joey Lefebvre transferred to the coast where he has been the district game warden in the Damariscotta region since. It is here that Warden Lefebvre continued his relentless pursuit of intentional fish and game violators in the mid-coast region. Warden Lefebvre never leaves stones unturned while investigating fish and game violations or incidents.

Warden Lefebvre excels at investigating illegal deer hunting investigations to include those who exceed the bag limit, hunt in closed season and those who continue to hunt while under revocation. Because of his unique skill sets, Warden Lefebvre has been able to uncover some of the most high-profile fish and game violations that have occurred in the state of Maine throughout his career. Warden Lefebvre has been an instrumental part of training and mentoring many of the new game wardens. In Warden Lefebvres career, he has mentored several deputy game wardens, was cadre for the 96th Municipal-County Basic Police School at the MCJA and was cadre for the Advanced Warden School.

Warden Lefebvres job and life experience, dedication, knowledge, and most importantly his positive attitude is invaluable to a new game warden starting out in their chosen profession. He has had a direct impact on the future of Maine Warden Service. Warden Lefebvres exemplary service and work performance have been well documented throughout his career. He has received several letters of recognition from both the public as well as the Maine Warden Service and does an excellent job collaborating with other law enforcement agencies, utilizing his strong skill sets to bring positive resolution to many issues.

Because of his knowledge of his patrol area and the districts that surround it, Warden Lefebvre is called to numerous search and rescue incidents every year in his area. He has been able to bring many people home to their loved ones over the years. Warden Lefebvre balances an extremely busy professional and personal life and sets a good example for other wardens that are in similar positions with their personal and professional lives. Game Warden Joey Lefebvre retains his oath that he took as a newly hired game warden and continues to go to work every day to make a difference in the outdoor community in which he lives and works.