April 13, 2020

MDIFW NEWS: Overdue Canoeists Located Alive At Family Dollar In Madison

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reminds everyone to let someone where you are going and when you expect to return. Enjoy Maine's outdoors safely and responsibly.

AUGUSTA, Maine - Two overdue canoeists paddling the Kennebec River were located alive and well this afternoon at the Family Dollar Store in Madison when they were able to recharge their cell phone and notify family members.

Jake Cyr, age 22 of Guilford, and Tyson Bell, age 31 of Dixfield, began their canoe trip on the Kennebec River Saturday evening in Bingham. Cyr and Bell camped Saturday and Sunday night on the river, portaging both the Solon Dam and the first of two Madison dams.

Family became concerned after not hearing from the pair since Sunday morning, and notified the Maine State Police at approximately 10:40 this morning. Shortly after the Maine Warden Service and Maine State Police began investigating, the pair purchased a phone charger at the Family Dollar Store, recharged and restarted their phone and were flooded with messages from family concerned about their whereabouts. Once notified by Cyr and Bell, their family quickly contacted State Police and the search was halted. Cyr and Bell told game wardens that their mobile phone had lost power and therefore had lost communication with family. Both men were operating their own canoe and did have proper lifejackets with them.

"Whenever you head outdoors, let someone know where you are going, and when you plan to return," said Corporal John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service. More than ever, its important to enjoy Maines outdoors safely and responsibly.

Attached photo of both Bell and Cyrs canoes, courtesy of MDIFW.