July 26, 2019

MDIFW NEWS: Emily MacCabe Selected to Lead MDIFW's Information and Education Division

For Immediate Release: July 26, 2019

AUGUSTA, Maine - Emily MacCabe, who directed the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife's award-winning "Keeper of the Maine Outdoors" campaign and was recently honored as the northeasts Information and Education Professional of the Year, was promoted to Director of Information and Education of the department.

"Emily's exceptional work directing the department's communications and digital media campaigns as well as our social media and web presence made her the logical choice for this position," said MDIFW Commissioner Judy Camuso. "Her experience, innovation, and passion for the department and the Maine outdoors will serve her well in this new position."

MacCabe becomes the department's first non-appointed information and education director, as the position previously was politically appointed. The newly established position will oversee a revamped division of information and education that is more closely aligned with current and developing trends in the marketing and communications field, and will direct MDIFW's efforts in broadening recognition of the Department and its programs, as well as communicating with a wider audience.

"Emily's experience with the department and its programs, combined with an enhanced information and education division will allow the department to engage a broader audience and provide even more information and services to all who enjoy Maines outdoors," said Camuso.

MacCabe first came to the department in 2004 and oversaw the departments recruitment efforts for the Hooked on Fishing and the Becoming and Outdoorswoman programs. As those programs began to grow under MacCabe's direction, her responsibilities increased to include overseeing the department's marketing and social media efforts. In 2014, she was promoted to media and graphics supervisor where over the past five years she has directed the department's communications campaign, social and digital media presence, the department's branding campaign, merchandise, and publishing the annual law books.

This spring MacCabe was recognized for her efforts by the Northeast Conservation Information and Education Association as the Information and Educational Professional of the Year. Her work on the MDIFW Keeper of the Maine Outdoors campaign was lauded for its success in attracting and informing new people about the Department. The award is given annually to a fish and wildlife information and education professional who has achieved excellence in public outreach, communication, and education.

"I am excited for the opportunities that lie ahead for the Department, as we continue to improve and enhance our communications efforts and provide more information and better services to residents and visitors alike," said Camuso.