May 19, 2019

MDIFW NEWS: Game wardens locate missing man near Kokadjo

TA R11 WELS - Game Wardens located a lost man late yesterday in Piscataquis County, northeast of Kokadjo. Gregory Schaefer, 63, from Newcastle, Maine, became lost late yesterday morning while looking for shed moose antlers near 7th Roach Pond. After spending a few hours looking for Schaefer, friends called the Maine Warden Service at 3:00 PM. Game wardens responded and arrived on scene to begin searching the remote area. Game Warden Pilot Jeff Spencer assisted the search from the air while seven game wardens searched on the ground.

About an hour before dark, game wardens heard a shout through the woods and followed a compass reading to the shores of 7th Roach Pond. Game wardens fired three shots with a firearm to signal Schaefer to attempt a more specific direction. Shouts were returned again and led game wardens across 7th Roach Pond. Game Wardens Taylor Valente and Kim Bates followed the voice, utilizing a canoe to cross the pond to get to Schaefer. Schaefer was located and transported across 7th Roach Pond. Schaefer was then able to hike the remaining .3 miles to a nearby road where he was reunited with his wife. Schaefer had been staying at a camp on First Roach Pond with friends and family.

Photo courtesy of the Maine Warden Service shows Schaefer accompanied out of the woods by game wardens.