April 5, 2019

MDIFW NEWS: Maine Warden Service Receives Additional Lifesaving Rafts From Nebulus

For Immediate Release: April 5, 2019

AUGUSTA, Maine -- Back in January, we ran a story about a Casco man who donated a Nebulus lifesaving raft to the Maine Warden Service. John Curtis, an avid snowmobiler, donated the inflatable raft as a means of giving back while providing Maine game wardens with the added assurance of surviving an unexpected plunge through the ice while on patrol. After releasing that story, the Maine Warden Service received another unexpected donation...or two.

Wishing to remain anonymous, a Durham family decided to make the same donation and purchased a second Nebulus for the Warden Service. After hearing the news, Nebulus, a Lakeville, Minnesota based company, donated three additional devices to Maine's game wardens. The five new Nebulus inflatable rafts have now become an additional safety tool that game wardens can deploy in the field should the need arise.

With a cost of about $500 each, these rafts might never have been available as a resource without the generosity and foresight of Nebulus and the those who have donated. We wish to thank Nebulus, John Curtis and the family from Durham for these lifesaving tools. With the frequency at which people recreate on ice and water here in Maine, its very likely these will be deployed to save a life one day.

Attached photos courtesy of the Maine Warden Service. Photo 1 shows the Nebulus device attached to Game Warden Peter Herrings ATV while patrolling Sebago Lake.