Official Documents

Executive Orders

Executive Order 1: An Order to Require the Expeditious Implementation of the MaineCare Expansion (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF)  - 1/3/2019

Executive Order 2: An Order to Implement Immediate Responses to Maine's Opioid Epidemic (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 2/6/2019

Executive Order 3: An Order Concluding the Maine Wind Advisory Commission and Wind Permit Moratorium (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 2/14/2019

Executive Order 4: An Order Regarding Administrative Rulemaking (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 3/4/2019

Executive Order 5: An Order to Study the Threats of PFAS Contamination to Public Health and the Environment (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 3/6/2019

Executive Order 6: An Order Establishing the Governor's Board on Executive Clemency (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 3/6/2019

Executive Order 7: An Order Establishing the Governor's Judicial Nominations Advisory Committee (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 4/10/2019

Executive Order 8: An Order Establishing the Governor's Task Force on All-Terrain Vehicle Trail Initiatives (PDF) (Accessible version, PDF) - 4/26/2019

Executive Order 9: An Order Implementing the Death With Dignity Act (PDF) - 6/12/2019

Executive Order 10: An Order to Strengthen Maine’s Economy and Achieve Carbon Neutrality By 2045 (Accessible version, PDF) - 9/23/2019

Executive Order 11: An Order Establishing the Elder Justice Coordinating Partnership (PDF | Word) - 10/23/2019

Executive Order 12: An Order Creating the Maine Complete Count Committee (PDF) | Word - 10/24/2019

Executive Order 13: An Order for State Agencies to Lead by Example Through Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Sustainability Measures (PDF | Word)- 11/26/2019